Sporty Little Number

A very quick note, I should be showered and dressed by now, but am still drinking coffee and here, ah well.

I've noticed that driving a sports car I seem to have two distinct different reactions from other drivers:

1. Other drivers expect me to drive like a twat. So when I don't, they're pleasantly surprised and smile; should I drive like a twat and shrug my shoulders and go 'oops' and 'sorry'. They're completely fine about it.

2. Other drivers drive like twats. A red sports car to them is like a rag to a bull. They have to undertake me to make sure they're in front. They have to tailgate me at high speed. Aparently, they have to show how big they really are. Funnily enough, BMW drivers don't bother me anymore. It's the teeny tiny Lotus Elises, VWs and Corsas which seem to have a problem with me. Well, as far as I am concerned as long as they don't do something really silly, I'm happy to oblige them. For they truly are a bigger penis.


  1. Well, I believe in the sense of when they overtake you and just get in front of you. You should make yourself really conspicuous and embarrass the hell out of them.
    Then see who's all big and that

  2. colin ~ I amused myself writing it too :-)

    Boy ~ Perhaps they just want to make sure I'm as fabulous from the front as I look from the back. One things for certain, The Director isn't getting his car back without a fight.

    Isn't possession really 9/10ths of the law?

  3. Aha, so, when he does try to get it back, we may get to see a different style to your driving after all, then :)

    I'll look out for you on Police, Camera, Action :)

  4. Though my Focus is a sporty-edition, it isn't the sportiest thing on the road. So when I cruise past a sports car, they suddenly feel compelled to floor it into warp-9. Some people just can't bear being overtaken, even at sensible speeds...

  5. ing ~ like you say, some people can't bear not being in front.

  6. Dare I ask which gender is worse?

    Just think how you add a little more dispair into their already pathetic lives when they pull in front and realise that yes, you are that amazing.

  7. hottie ~ I haven't had any problems with women drivers, apart from them not getting out of my way. Thanks for that - I needed an ego-stroke :-)


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