Last night I finally got around to doing something that's been in the back of my mind for a few weeks now, I wrote a thank you letter.

Since I started blogging, I've been an avid reader of medical-type blogs. Tom, Mousie - now gone, especially. It made me realise that although I think my GP is the closest thing to perfect you can get in a doctor, I've never said thank you.

I have suffered at the hands of bad GPs. There are some GPs in practise who I would go and get petrol if they were on fire in the street. GPs, who if I was dying, I would sooner see the local vet or take myself off to the mortuary, they were so incompetent, arrogant and lazy.

My GP, recently went up against the system for me. He was insistent I had a procedure done, because given the symptoms I was presenting, he was worried I had the onset of cervical cancer. I've had this procedure done several times and each time it was painful, traumatic and awful. With the NHS system as it is, it's pot luck who you get to do it. There was only one consultant who I felt was trustworthy. There's been a new referral system put into place and I couldn't be guaranteed seeing him. My GP wrote several times to the consultant and in the end rang and argued with him, until he gave in and I got my appointment - within 3 weeks! As it turns out all is well, and the procedure was fine - I'm not traumatised. But my point is - he did all of that for me. Above and beyond the call of his duty of care to me.

People who go above and beyond the call of duty should be recognised. Please do something for me today. Go see Tom. Time and time again, he puts his heart and soul into his job, both get broken and bruised in the process - but this broke my heart too.

There are good people out there. It's wrong to assume it's just their job, when they have such a profound impact on the people they serve. The kindness of others can make an awful, unbearable situation, survivable. To all of you who care: thank you.


  1. Sorry to here that you needed something done but three cheers for the doctor!

  2. Sanddancer ~ I live to fight another day, and have the all-clear which is great. Thanks for your well wishes.

  3. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Glad you are ok - your Dr sounds like a gem and I'm sure will be chuffed to get your thanks, because usually those who are amazing individuals often don't realise their impact, cause it's 'just what they do'...It's nice to remind them how special they are...

  4. So True.
    Last week I gave my dentist a sort of little compliment.
    He was pathetically grateful.

  5. It is a real shame that in this day and age we so often experience the ungrateful and the uncaring that it's a true and wonderful surprise when you feel genuinely cared about.

    Glad you're ok, and well done for letting someone who made a difference know that they made a difference to you :)
    It's common to see people complain when something goes wrong - not so common to see them rejoice when it goes right.

    I guess it's the little things that can make all the difference sometimes.

    Come to think of it, I just remembered we've seen the other end, too!

    I was very thankful to my friend & his family for having put me up for a week recently (and/or put up with me for a week ;) ) (and told them)... I'd pondered writing a "thank you" at some point, but would probably have forgotten... I think I'll make sure to do this after all.

    Thank you!

  6. Kaz ~ a dentist worthy of a compliment? Did you marry him?!

    Colin ~ I must admit, it's the kindness of strangers that has made the biggest impression on me. Glad to be of help.


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