Decadent Day Off

Life here continues apace. My Counter Manager is away, sunning herself in foreign climes, drinking French wine, eating French food - and she didn't invite me along. Humpf. I'm working full-time for the PCH, which is tiring, but not as exhausting as doing 6 days on the trot as I have been doing lately, juggling two jobs.

I've decided I'm far too lazy for this type of economic activity. The time I spend working to pay the bills (after the second black bill, the one before the red, snotty one), I could be interferring with Boy's X-Box time; I could be drinking coffee, eating small pastries with Gee; I could be irritating Viking in the mornings making him get up and amuse me; I could be writing. Instead, I'm being fiscally responsible. Humpf.

This week pretty much everything that could go wrong electronically, did. My wonderful Nokia N73, of which I have had many a diatribe, its days are numbered. O2 said I could have an upgrade, which I nearly bit their online hands off. I elected to have a cheaper tariff, with a less snazzy phone in the hopes that the less there was to go wrong, the more likely it would work more. Which in theory was sound. New phone arrives. Does it work? Does it heck. Couldn't even switch the damn thing on. In the hopes it was just me being thick, I took it to an O2 store in town. A sales guy, who looked younger than Boy, deigned to stop talking to his girlfriend long enough to assertain my phone didn't work. I then had to ring O2 Customer Services to organise the swap. I thought I'd have to post the damn thing off and wait until they sent a new one out to me. There is a God, and She is good. Or perhaps the nice lady on the phone heard how fed up I was. They organised for a courier to come with the new phone and swap it for the faulty one. Of course, I was at work and they couldn't guarantee when the courier would come a-calling. Boy was home from school and was able to take delivery. So I now have a swanky new phone, one that actually works. How cool is that?

Unfortunately, my new CD alarm seems to be lazier than me. It starts playing a track and then decides it really can't be bothered. At all. It means I have to go back to Argos and bitch to some bored teenager to get it exchanged. Can I find the receipt? Can I heck as like! So, I'm now looking at my baskets where I dump my paperwork, to see if I can find a bank statement with the transaction, to show I paid for the damn thing. Do I want to do that today? I'm in my pink, fluffy dressing gown, enjoying my second cup of coffee (love you Hottie) and I'm loathe to leave my flat to head into town just for that. There are plans afoot to meet the gang in the Pub-Over-the-Wall and while I'm happy getting dressed for them (though to be fair, they wouldn't care if I turned up as I am), I really don't think the sacrifice of becoming presentable is worthy of Argos today.


  1. Oh dear Lord! What is it with sales staff and their inability to grasp the concept of CUSTOMER service. I smiled at the mental image of the yoof talking to his girlfriend. See care in the community works.

    Hope the pub was enjoyable. I had a similar offer earlier this week. Daz texted me to tell me there was a pint in the pub with my name on it. When I complained I'd have to change out of my jammies he said "Not on my account".

    Glad the pretty phone works. Feel free to drunk-text me with declarations of undying love ;)

  2. I hate going into Argos. Its a pretty useful shop but it just depresses me. The portrait of humanity you see there is never a pretty one.

  3. You may have saved my life.

    My ancient cardboard and masking tape mobile conked out this morning.

    I can't face going in to one of those robot shops.
    Your NOKIA looks fab. I think I'll just go and get it without faffing about like I usually do.

  4. hottie ~ customer services?! What's that?

    sanddancer ~ I didn't miss going into Argos yesterday at all. Though I would have liked to listened to more than silence as I fall asleep.

    kaz ~ glad to be of service. The really cool thing is they will deliver to your door. No going into mobile fone shops for you.

  5. Ive spent ages oh ing and ah ing over the nail polishes you recommended .
    I can see why you had to have two, ive fell in love with Dazzle Me (S)
    where can i get it from roses, ive got to have

  6. B*E*G ~ For you to have that colour, I'm afraid you're going to have to come into Norwich and see me at work. We've got OPI in the Skin Spa area (along with the lurvely ladies who will do you a quick manicure with those colours).


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