Sunshiney Day

Another week has flown past. Fortunately, the last of my full-time work on the PCH, my counter manager is back from her holiday. I've really missed working with her, and to be honest I don't want the responsibility of the counter. It's been hideous trading and we're so behind with our targets, I have a feeling she's going to go ballistic when she sees the figures. Ah well, I can't be worrying about it.

Going back to regular PCH hours also means my working for the Heat Pump Company again. Back to the 6 days a week. It's brilliant for my bank account, but it's wrecking my social life and energy levels. The good thing about working out of the city, is there's not much to spend my money on apart from the odd sausage roll or cornish pasty (which are gorgeous, made locally, yum yum). I'm not sure how long I can keep this pace up, but I'm going to do my damnedest.

Today, I took things really easy. I had a lie-in, then wandered into town to do some paperwork at work, ready for my Counter Manager's return. I then went into M&S and bought some cherries - very naughty of me, I know. But they were begging me to take them home, begging I say. I gritted my teeth and went to Argos to get my CD alarm changed. It wasn't half as painful as I thought it was going to be, not only that but I also got a gift-card for £5.99 because the price of said item had been dropped in the new catalogue. I was so chuffed. It's now installed on my bedside table and seems to be working ok; tomorrow will tell.

When I got home, I was very naughty. I slathered myself in suntan lotion, put on my skimpy wear and lay out in the sunshine for over an hour. It's such a pleasure to feel the sun on my skin. I never realised quite how much I've craved sunshine and heat before now. I know that I'm going against all of my training, scientific knowledge and good old common sense, but I did take the precaution of SPF 50 on my face and neck first. I don't usually sunbathe, I normally get bored, but today I lay in the park, bathed in sunshine, listening to my tunes completely blissed out. Apparently, it's going to be chucking it down this week, but given that was the forecast for the weekend and it's been fine - more than fine, I've got my fingers crossed that the good weather will continue.


  1. Please define 'skimpy wear'.
    I need to know if it was fit for the park.

  2. kaz ~ funnily enough, I didn't think it would be you asking that question. Just goes to show, I'm always open to surprises.

    Skimpy wear was fit for the park, especially since there was only me in it. A bikini top and shorts.

  3. I assume it would surprise you less if it was me asking...But hon, I actually feel obliged to now, lest I offend you by omission...

    (I'd love to have seen it though!)

  4. cogidubnus ~ you're right, you wouldn't have surprised me.

    But the Viking was a bit cross that he also missed the spectacle. But it's not my fault it's never hot enough for skimpy wear when he's about.

  5. It sounds as if you were pretty safe in the sun, apart from this outfit! I heard something a little while ago that said that getting no sun at all poses a greater risk.

  6. sanddancer ~ I'm actually quite a nice shade of brown now, I'm hoping the weather will hold and I can go cook myself again on Saturday. I also read that on the BBC website, see it's a good job I'm not obsessive it (or anything else really).


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