Forgive me Mr Bank Manager...

...for I have sinned. I got carried away with trivial, frivolous things and yea, I bounceth off my overdraft facility yet again.

I did need a new CD alarm from the den of iniquity that is Argos, to play me soothing sounds so I might rest well and be woken up gently. This way I can go to work refreshed and able to earn money to keep you in your BMW.

I have over-indulged in frothy coffees and meals in the staff canteen, cafes and takeaways. I now am making interesting and healthy packed lunches as penance. No more shall I covet Wagamamas or Pizza Express. This I do swear.

Lo, I hang my head in shame for the weakness that lead to the purchase of not just one, but two bottles of OPI nail polish. Their sexy, sparkely shades of red, one of which (Midnight in Moscow) is such a dark red it looks black, seduced me. I admit it, I was weak.

And thus, I count the hours til pay day and keep my fingers crossed that your wrath does not lead to a £30-a-day charge. tide me over until then, I will need to visit M&S for a bottle of naughtiness to keep me sane as I continue to work 6 days in row.


  1. *grin*

    Snap! I just bought myself a Ted Baker shirt :-O

    Uh... and I'm eating Dominos...

    Strongly considered cracking open a bottle of wine, but did go for a beer ;)

  2. Well that bottle from Marks certainly isn't trivial and frivolous.

  3. Dear Mr Debt Counsellor, afraid I can't pay off the evil bank manager sooner because I really really need some highland anaesthetic...


    Think he'll believe me?

  4. IM ~ Ted Not sure I'm with you on the beer and Dominos.

    Kaz ~ I will be picking up my bottle of naughtiness this evening on the way back from work. I will raise my glass to you're all the way in S***n.

    cogidubnus ~ see I think that's perfectly reasonable, given how painful debt managment is - anything that helps keep you sane has got to be good.

  5. A bottle of naughtiness isn't a luxury item. It's esential to aid proper relaxtion and it's a portion of fruit. Does your bank manager want you to develope scurvy?

    I'll raise a glass to you. *hugs*

  6. Wine is a necessity as are pretties, you need to look good for work. Talking of which the Little Miss & I did pop by to see you today but you were very busy so we went and looked at the toys then went to the bank; much less fun. Hope it was a good day x x x

  7. hottie ~ I wish you could be my bank manager

    goth mum ~ I'm sorry I missed you, I could have done with a hug.

  8. That nail varnish is lush - I would have had to have it too!


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