Friday Nite Out and About

A chance meeting with someone who I used to work with (when I was gainfully employed) has led to Friday nights out, good drink, good food, good female company. Which has been all very well and good, but I've had to work the Saturdays after. Mind you, I'm not exactly living it up; I'll be in bed well before midnight, I was fully dressed when I went out, I'm going to bed with the cat and the contents of my stomach are staying put.

Since I last posted, I've been working quite a few hours, I've wrenched my shoulder and been pottering around the house. The green things I've planted have in the main lived and are even thriving. I have managed to kill a couple plants, but I suspect that was just them, rather than me. In a warm spell Boy and I did some gardening, but I have no idea how the plants are doing because since then the weather has been crap. One Saturday started off sunny, went dark, chucked it down, it then turned to snow, sleet and hail and then we had a brilliantly clear sunset. I'm getting pretty fed-up of this global warming malarkey. People start recycling now, I need a decent Spring.

Next week I've got some time off. I shall be pottering round the flat, doing the jobs which have been somewhat neglected for awhile. I'm not sure I understand the point of dusting regularly. The more I dust and clean, the more I need to dust and clean. What's that about? It's quite irritating that. I've also planned to go dancing with Hottie, meditation with the Chant Ladies and birthday shenanigans on Friday with Josie (my Friday-night drinking lady).

I've been writing again. A poem on Tuesday and I'm beginning to work on a couple of ideas for possible plots. It's so good to feel creative again. The photos I've taken recently haven't been brilliant, but they're starting to get me in the swing of things again. I've also been working with my old course, providing feedback on the on-line forum for pieces of fiction. I think doing that, more than anything else, has spurred me to be creative again. I've missed it so much. I feel whole when I'm doing creative endeavours, empty when I just exist. It's really making me think about starting the MA again in October and how I'm going to afford it. One of the things that I'm coming to realise is that I have it in my power to find a way. It might not be an easy way, but I can and will do it.


  1. ...All that whilst dodging terrible colds & coughs from Vikings...

  2. Afraid my creativity's gone out of the window with the shock realisation I'm now married to a pensioner...Although, at six years younger, I've long been accustomed to being the toy boy the ultimate realisation comes as something of a shock!

  3. Yay Roses, go girl go!

  4. Good to here you're writing - it's just part of who you are and how you exist. I also hope you find a way through with the MA.

    Glad the green thigs are still green and not brown - so last season hon.

  5. viking ~ so far so good. I've still got my fingers crossed tho...

    cogidubnus ~ he he he, I wonder what your missus would say. Though at present, it doesn't seem to bother my viking, I shall have to ask him about it some time.

    uphilldowndale ~ fine, I'll go get my coat. Where are we going? And more importantly, is it your round?

    Hottie! Thanks hon, and yeah me too. Mind you I'm going away for a few days week after next, I dread to think what colour they'll be when I get back.


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