Holiday ~ in a Madonna-stylie

Yep, what you read is true. I'm on holiday for a week. The big question is: what do I do with my time? I'm so flat broke that going away, even if Boy could have been excused from school, is out of the question. I have a list of things to do around the flat that starts: dust, hoover... You get the picture. There is also the other list of things I Ought To Do: read Virgin Suicides, Sophies World, writing, poetry, photography, as well as reading several academic books so my brain does not turn into Mush (oops, too late). Finding things to do has never been a problem for me, the problem tends to be that I sit in front of the computer and dither on-line for hours on end and suddenly, the day has passed and Boy is asking about dinner. I can waste time like a pro.

I think I'll pass the buck - it's up to you, my faithfull blog readers, to tell me what to do this week. Leave me a comment, I'll pick the one I do and then I'll blog about it and provide relevant evidence. I won't do anything silly, or obscene (unless I really, really want to), but I'm open to ideas.

Go on then, ideas on a postcard!


  1. *nods excitedly, hoping she'll read those books*

  2. Go visit a friend in the UK - In the twenty one years of our, (second, for both of us), marriage we've never ever managed a holiday abroad, and have only three times managed a break in the UK, each time visiting friends, and it's been really educational each time...

    This financially induced shortcoming doesn't seem to have killed I'm sure you'll survive, especially if you come down off the work-induced high and, as Viking suggests, just read the books...

    I hope this doesn't sound dismissive, by the's not meant to be...go for it girl and have a good break!

  3. viking ~ I'm thinking about it *teasingly*

    cogidubnus ~ most of my holidays have tended to be in the UK. There's still quite a lot I hope to see. Lake District being one. Someone, not a million miles from here did promise to take us there...

  4. How about visiting a gallery or something. I know you've said about how much you've enjoyed it before and alot of them are free/donation entry.

    A train trip to London to include a visit to Tate and a.n.other before chiiling out with a nice glass of something in Covent Garden and watching the world go by.

  5. Go with the flow Roses, whatever you feel like doing you can do then.. read those books over a nice bottle of wine, lay in late every morning (just cause you can)and see what pops into your head every morning..
    Id love to visit the Lake District ive heard so many good things about it.
    Whatever you do, i really hope you have a brilliant week..

  6. Be a tourist in your own town for a day. Take your camera, visit the sights, take the guided tours. Buy and send a postcard of your "trip".

  7. hottie ~ I think a gallery visit is definitely in order, but not London this week.

    B*E*G ~ I'm trying the lie-ins, I really am, but I'm awake at and out of bed at 7.30 (which technically is a lie in, I'm normally up by 7). Bottle of wine sounds good though.

    sanddancer ~ deal! I will do that tomorrow. Today, I've got writing and homestuff to sort out. Tomorrow, I'll be tourist.

  8. I'll look forward to your report. Please take a photograph of the postcard before you send it too.

  9. Bake a cake...there's nothing better than having the time to potter about in the kitchen and make something.

    It's soothing for the soul, rewarding and (hopefully) you'll have something yummy at the end of it to enjoy with coffee, whilst you read the virgin suicides...


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