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Today improved no end when I got home with Chinese. I took off my uniform, make-up and changed into my jammies and pink fluffy dressing gown. As I write this, I have an extra accessory. Her name is Carla and she is a Royal Python. She's a guest while Boy's dad is away for 2 weeks and has been hiding in her plastic cave, in the vivarium in Boy's room. She was brought out for 5 mins on Sunday and has been out for quite awhile tonight. Apparently, she is a bit of a nervous soul and can get stressed quite easily. She's draped across my shoulder trying to find her way down to the carpet to play with the cat. You've never seen a better example of feline unimpressedness this evening when Solitaire realised my lap was moving.

I don't mind snakes or frogs, but I'm not keen on tarantulas or scorpions. Ewww. I really don't like scorpions - nasty tempered creatures. The tarantulas we saw in Trinidad were far enough away for me not to worry about. There was one that had a silk tent in the corner of the roof of the veranda in Morro House, in the bush. She would sleep in her tent during the day; you could tell she was home by the silver tips of her front feet which would be peeking out her doorway. I never actually saw her leave her tent to go hunting in the evening. We would be swinging in the hammock, drinking the local beer, chatting, I'd glance up and her tent would be empty. Unfortunately, her diet did not include the local hornets called Jap Spaniards by the locals. These hornets seemed to seek Boy out. I can't remember a visit where he hasn't got stung. Bastard things. At least the tarantula lived and let us alone.

Carla is still a young snake and hasn't reached her full potential yet. I was surprised how cool to the touch her skin was; and she doesn't particularly like being stroked, or she didn't, the first time Boy plonked her on my lap. When she's shy, she pulls herself into a tight, ball of stress and it takes her a while to relax and sprawl out. But once she sprawls, she likes to have a nose around and can be quite determined once she wants to go in a particular direction. I've since put her back in her little cave because I got fed up of her using my left wrist as an anchor as she tried to go over my shoulder, the back of the chair and head for the floor. She's really got a good grip, but will let go if necessary.

It's funny trying to describe a snake in terms of a pet, because they don't show emotion the way that mammals do. I knew she thought I was ok because she didn't stay long in her stress ball and even when I got up and walked around, she was loosely draped. I realised that I'm so used to dealing with animals that have a greater level of interaction with with me, that dealing with a snake can be a bit disconcerting, I was constantly checking with Boy if I was 'doing it right'. He was busy killing things on-line and let me and her bond. I must admit, she's not bad company for a snake. At least she's not smelly.


  1. I must admit I rather like snakes - they're not cuddly pets (goes without saying really) but they've always fascinated me...

    One of my older daughters has just acquired a tarantula and although spiders certainly don't freak me out, I can't really see the attractions as a pet...I'd be scared stiff of hurting/damaging the damned thing!

  2. cogidubnus ~ no, cuddly is not how I'd describe her. I'm not keen on spiders with a diameter greater than 50p. They're not my cup of tea.

  3. Really don't like spiders. They move too fast somehow but snakes I don't actually mind.

    They've always held a strange sort of attraction as long as they aren't the ugly, venomous type, obviously!

    Remember finding a slow worm in our paddock once as a young child, about 5/6 & being utterly devastated when it escaped it's wide terracotta plant pot. Lol

    As long as they aren't huge & ugly/venomous then I don't mind them.

    Their scales almost feel like silk I think. Sort of strange but not slippery in any way.

  4. I feel snakes are cuddly pet due to them anchoring down to your arm (I s'pose it's a type of cuddle)

  5. Looks like you'll have to stroke the pink fluffy dressing gown which is often featured in your posts.
    No comment on the snake - I'm with Solitaire.

  6. sandsilverine ~ 'cuddly' does not describe a creature that anchors any part of you holding it.

    kaz ~ perhaps I should dedicate a post to my dressing gown?

  7. eeeeeewwwwww snakes...no thanks! Or spiders...that's worse...

    I'll stick with cats and fluffy dressing gowns (just how girly does that sound?)


  8. NM ~ fair enough.

  9. A post about the pink fluffy dressing-gown 'with pictures', of course?


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