Today, I tried Lancome's Poeme (my apologies to this French company, I haven't figured out quite how to get accents in Blogger). It was a trip down memory lane. I bought this fragrance in 1999. It's quite light, a well rounded floral which marked my transition from scabby Development Studies graduate, to local government employee. In that period, the millenium was a reality, a relationship ended and a not-a-very-bright relationship began. When I smelt it on my wrists, it felt like a touch of innocence had been returned to me. Since that time I've grown up quite a bit from the mistakes I've made. And after all of that, I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.

The foul weather was less successful at keeping people away, than it had in the beginning of this week. I was able to work on my link-selling skills and to try doing make-ups on colleagues and friends who popped in. What has taken me by surprise is the support I've been getting from the women on the counters, they've been giving me tips and hints and encouragement when I've been obviously disappointed with my figures.

Last year, you will remember I waxed lyrical about a Boots nail polish. Last summer, I went a bit mad and bought loads of colours from Boots and Rimmel and my nails really suffered. They literally began to flake off. I also was disappointed with the way the nail polish lasted. It scratched and lost it's gloss really quickly. Last week, I gave in and bought some expensive polish - it's £9.99 a bottle! Talk about having to steady your nerves. However, it has proven to me that you get what you pay for. It's called O.P.I and it is stunning. My nails are glossy, chip free and look great. How happy am I? By the way, this isn't vanity on my part, it's necessity. I've got to be manicured for work. Basically, I've got to be top totty every day. What fun!

After lunch I came downstairs, sprayed myself liberally with Poeme and stood opposite to my counter, checking out my stock levels. This amazingly tall woman walked past me, stopped, looked at me quizzically.

"I've just smelt something marvellous as I walked past." She says. "It's somewhere around here." She gestures around my area.

"That'll be me," I laughed.


  1. "I've got to be top totty every day"

    At the risk of upsetting your Viking, with your built-in advantages, it can't actually take that much effort can it?

  2. I popped in to see you today at the PCH but you had your bottom sticking out of a cupboard so we didn't stop as Bilibo's blood pressure was rocketing (it is a lovely bottom).

    Hope it is all going well, love and hugs

    Sam x

  3. cogidubnus ~ thanks

    goth mum ~ Awww, you're so sweet. It would have been great to catch up, but next time?


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