Good News Story

Check this article out on the BBC news website. Could this be the resurrection of common sense? The back-lash against the Americanized Claims Culture?

I do hope so.


  1. Someone has some common sense at
    I bet hes genuinely suffering from depression now hes got to pay the costs..hehe

    Anyway Roses i badly need your help if you can please, (or any of your wonderful visitors) can you come across to my blog for 2 seconds and give me your honest opinion on this...
    i trust you
    xxx Jo

  2. About time, that idiot who tried to claim his gambled 2 million from the bookies also lost his case. Too right. I suspect that this is only a small diversion from the normal stupid claims mentality and normal service will resume shortly.

  3. B*E*G ~ hope my tuppence worth was useful. Enjoy riding today honey.

    W*E*B ~ Did he lose? Brilliant. See it's a turing of the tide. One of the joys of being a fan of policemen, and not being one myself (or should that be police person), is that I haven't lost all my optimism. I remain hopeful.

  4. My gran had a pretty similar accident to this one - she slipped on a grape in Asda a few years ago. They paid her some compensation - I think they gave her £1000 which seems a sensible sum of money. Sometimes companies are at fault but its the ridiculous amounts that people want that make it hard to take seriously.

    There was another case recently where a man slipped on a petal from a flower seller in a station. I remember reading that it was bankrupting the flower seller but I don't think I ever heard what happened.

    People really need to realise that accidents do happen - that's life.

  5. sanddancer ~ what amazed me was that a grown man stood up in court and said he suffered depression and was unable to work, because he slipped on a grape.

    It amazes me the balls that some people have, to try on this crap.


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