Friday, July 27, 2007

Heads Up People

In between the make-up, the fragrance reviews and my constant navel-gazing, there are important issues which I try to discuss/raise/disseminate. What follows are two things which I would appreciate your following up on. In and amongst all the porn and video games, there's some good stuff happening on the internet and in Blogland. In my little reality, this is our stand for common sense, the belief in right and wrong and freedom of speech.

Random Acts of Reality flagged this and I think it's worth looking at. I won't go into great detail. Dr Crippen covers it well. Gobsmacked is the only word that comes to mind.

Twining, my favourite Pink Panther of the Black in Blue fame, blogged about this incident that happened at a council meeting. To say I am appalled is actually a bit of an understatement. Unfortunately, I've got no further information other than what he blogged.

Please have a look. Join the debate.


  1. I'm reading 'Small Island' by Andrea Levy at the moment. A brilliant read - and I'm a bit hard to please.
    Not exactly the same as the NIMBY folk but similar sentiments recur.

  2. I've got Small Island on my bookshelf waiting for me to get into a serious reading mood.

    Yeah, I'm unimpressed by these people I must admit. Mind you, by the sounds of it, they'd be unimpressed by me.

  3. It's bewildering that there are still people with these narrow minded views. It reminded me of some of the things that have been posted on police blogs. "We think you're heavy handed blah blah but would you come and sort out the naughty criminal who's just stolen our telly?".
    I grew up armed forces and whilst I admit I'm not a fan, (years of watching pissed up singlies on pay-day) there is no way I would want to deny servicemen or their families the opportunity to rest and recover in a dedicated environment. They do a hard job. On occassions horrific. They should be treated as people with loved ones not isolated hard ware.

  4. In the 80's he went on to star in a highly acclaimed police drama. Or at least, I thought so, because I made sure I never missed an episode.

    His career does seemed to be made up of law enforcement officials or judges.


  5. Oh, in the 70s cop show, no one would have ever called him a bungler.


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