Saturday, October 21, 2006

Last Free Weekend

This is my last free weekend as I face my last week of training. I have no boy, he's gone off to his dad's for the half-term. I was thinking about writing my letter of complaint mentioned in previous post.

Now I've got to the weekend and I'm sat here with my luke warm coffee, listening to 'Blue for You', I'm assembling my To Do List.

1. Do chores, my flat looks like a bomb site. (Yes, I know, it always looks like that, I'm sure I've got some UN reconstruction team running here). Laundry would be good, the socks keep scurrying around at night, fighting with boy's boxers.
2. Do admin. Like write letter to council saying I really am a student. Write letter to insurance giant telling them I am not coming to work for them, which they need in writing. Find council bill and pay, before they send the boys round.
3. Research the best way to get rid of fleas. Boy's cat has picked up some unwelcome visitors and looks miserable, so much so she won't play with the socks anymore. Perhaps that's why they keep picking fights with the boxers.
4. Do some work on my dissertation, like some reading maybe, taking notes. That sort of thing.
5. Do the work for NEAD, which I said I would do 4 weeks ago.
6. Write 1,000 for prose class next Wednesday, tidy up 1st poem and complete numbers 2 & 3.

I'm sure there's something else I should be doing, I just can't think of it at the moment.

And you thought I was a pessimist.


  1. Well, on the plus side, that's quite a lot of time to get not too much done :)

    Not that I can talk. I had the day off yesterday and I did almost nothing :) Which was nice. ;)

    Oh... Is telling large insurance companies that you aren't going to work for them a general requirement? How many more companies want to know that you don't want to work for them? ;)

    Actually, that could be ALMOST fun couldn't it. Keep picking on huge multi-national companies and telling them you don't want to work for them ;)

    Ok, I'm sure there's more to it than that, but I like that image ;)

  2. Roses3:33 pm

    So far, I've had coffee, brunch and a glass of wine with a friend of mine in a local eaterie. But, I have got the de-flea stuff for the cat, treated her and sprayed the bedding and carpet.

    I liked your version better. Unfortunately, reality is slightly dull. After accepting said job with Insurance Giant, I spent 6 days of hell thinking 'how can I do this job (ringing ppl up 5-8pm to flog them insurance)', the job with NHSD came up and I took it. I rang agency and told them I don't want the insurance job. I then get a letter from Insurance Giant saying 'send in contract'. I ring and say 'I don't want the job'. They then send a letter saying 'we need it in writing'. I have better things to do (like pluck my armpit hair one at a time). They then ring and leave a voicemail saying 'we need your letter declining our job asap'.

    Told you it was boring.

  3. Life's what happens while you're busy writing To Do lists, as John Lennon never had time to say. They haunt my life, not to mention my desk. I rather like Homer Simpson's startled reply when Marge suggests he add something to his To Do list.

    "I have a To Do list?"

  4. Roses8:36 pm

    Hi Gary.

    If I didn't make a To Do list every now and then, I wouldn't know whether I was coming or going. The trick is making the list, prioritising it, and then cutting off the last 2 items. Cause they just aint never gonna happen.

    I love the Simpsons quote. Spot on.

  5. cogidubnus11:48 pm the stuff you really have to... (and don't, please god be afraid of opening the envelopes which might have the bills in)..know where you're coming from

  6. Roses9:30 am

    Thanks for that cogidubnus. I do open my post now, the problem is I shelve it, and forget about it. A bit like my tax forms really. I am the world's worst procrastinator (perhaps that should be 'best procrastinator').

    PS. The cat looks happier today.

  7. Fleas, best way for me is injection at vets. Lasts for 6 months i think and makes the fleas infertile rather than killing them. Deals with any stragglers in house that way.

    I don't find the powders work and frontline is okay but not as successful, imo. :~)


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