To Do List for June 2013

My monthly To Do List for June 2013 only has 3 items on it:

1. Decorate Flat

2. Pack up and Move 

3. Write for a Living.

I will have to wade through 6 pages of tasks in order to complete these items. To say I'm a touch stressed by the whole thing, is like saying Elvis kind of liked fried food. Put it this way, I bypassed the Pink Fluffy Dressing Gown completely today. 

Normally it's not a good thing to make such a massive list of tasks, it's too easy to get discouraged by the enormity of it. However, I've got so much to do and the timing is quite crucial, I was worried I would forget something important. 

The good thing about breaking down all the tasks is I've been able to score some easy wins today. I am having a massive clear out. Today, I did books and CDs.

There's another shelf under this

And this is the other pile

Once all those were collected and piled up, I turned on my CD collection. I then went through  all the CDs, got rid of duplicates and the ones that were copied for my car several times. I've got two small boxes of music now looking for a new home.

One of the things that struck me as I was sorting through my books was how many of them I purchased because I thought I ought to read them. Books that would supposedly enlighten and expand my knowledge and experience. You know, literature books. I bought them and they've sat on my shelves taking up space since then. Looking through them I wondered who I was trying to impress by keeping them. Out of preference I read genre fiction, my life has had quite enough drama as it is, without including it in my entertainment. When I relax I want a good time with a happy ending. As I was sorting through it I became determined to only keep the books I wanted with me. The ones whose company I genuinely enjoyed, those I would read again. Hence, I probably got rid of about 2 bookshelf-worth. 

When it came to the CDs, same again. I sorted through the endless the compilations I'd bought because I was only after a couple of tracks. I'm now multitasking as I write this post. I've got a pile of CDs next to me and I'm systematically copying them on to my laptop. I know I will have to go through my digital library again. There are sure to be duplicates, but that's fine. I should have done this a long time ago.

I've also had a long think about many of my possessions: knick knacks, random stones, odds and ends and I've decided that if it's been in a box (i.e. in the loft) or I haven't interacted with it (i.e. looked at, picked it up or enjoyed it) it will be moving on. I'm not a sentimental person and frankly, dragging stuff around with me, on the off chance I might one day use it, when I haven't used it for years - it makes no sense.

I also dug out the kitchen, did a massive pile of dishes, cleaned up and did a couple of loads of laundry. So, all in all a very productive day. Tomorrow, I will do more work on the flat. I'm lucky in that my friend Juju has offered to help. She's good company and it'll be a good excuse to indulge in a cheeky cider afterwards.


  1. I'm already tired just thinking about Item 2!

    1. Item 1. has 5 pages! That's the one that's exhausted me before I've begun.


  2. You'll get there, once one starts to clear out, it's so satisfying that it gathers its own momentum and the sentimental part of the brain switches off. Books would be my big problem if I downsized, it's the genre fiction that would mostly be easy but out of print classics (not old enough to be free online) and anything I've enjoyed would be very hard to chuck out.

    1. Using your criteria, I've not been particularly strict.

      I'm keeping the books (genre and literary) that I genuinely enjoy reading. No old friends are being turfed out!

      It's very satisfying to see the pile of books there waiting for a new home.

      I've been asked about selling them and it's made me think that perhaps I'm missing a trick.

      The thing is, I don't have the time nor space to sell them and it's not about the money. I just want them to go to someone who will enjoy them.


  3. At least it is a short list! But i suspect each item has bullet points a mile long.
    I dislike moving as i can never decide what to part with but in recent times I did a major cull. Anything still sitting in the shed in a box from my last move 10 yrs ago has now gone. I haven't needed nor miised it in that long, so there is no need to mourn it's passing.

    Charity shops are often open to donations of books Cd's and any other tat you may have layihg about. "One persons trash is anothers treasure". Op Shopping has become a national sport here! I wish you luck with your plans Roses it will all come together nicely for you with just a little planning and determination.

    Gird your loins, gather your intestinal fortitude and get into some brutal culling...

    1. It's a short list and I'm really not sure how the hell I'm going to do number 3, whilst doing 1 & 2.

      I think everything in the loft is going to be dumped. As you say, it's been there for 4 years and I've not missed it.

      Yeah, the cull has begun.

  4. As they* say "write what you know", after you've completed items 1 & 2 on your list, item 3 should be easy. Write about packing, decorating and moving (plus the best type of coffee to go with each task).

    Good luck!

    * I don't know who the 'they' are.

    1. Hmm....I will be moaning about nos 1 & 2 on here. You'll be sick of it. And besides, who the hell would pay me for the pleasure of reading my whinge?

      No really, who would?

      I need their number to pay for coffee and paint!

  5. You are doing strange things. I have no clue what "decorate flat" means. I mean - there are books. So what more "decoration" one needs? Tah ...

    1. Decorate - that's when you paint the walls of your flat. Walls are those things behind your piles of books and bookshelves.


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