On the New Healthy Living Regime

You may have gathered that in the midst of all the chaos of my Life presently, I am on a health kick. Actually, it's not so much a health kick as a total re-think of Health in general.

I had my last cigarette in December. Inn March I began to do my workout DVDs again, albeit very sporadically until May. This week, I managed 3 workouts, which I am very pleased about. My back is niggling, so I won't push it too much. 

Today, Amazon delivered Living the GI Diet by Rick Gallop. There's a guy at work who is a fitness nut to the nth degree and he said it's about changing the way you eat so you're eating better food and feeling satisfied once you've put down your knife and fork. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have 21lbs to get off my butt.

It's interesting because there have been some really good articles on body image circulating on Facebook recently. I am not overweight. I am still within the boundaries of healthy weight vs. height and body-type and BMI. I've just gone up a dress size. 

My friends aren't dropping hints and Lawrence hasn't started insisting we turn out the lights, so he doesn't have to look at the extra wobbly bits.

In fact, Lawrence and I have had words, because I blame him for my weight-gain. I'm happy with him and therefore have an appetite. If only he'd be a rubbish boyfriend, well, I'd be as skinny as a rake. The only successful dieting method I've ever know has been the Rubbish Relationship/Break-up diet. 

I'm really enjoying my body at the moment. I suppose I realise what a hard time I've given it: ridiculous stress levels, smoking, drinking and way too much fast food, all with no exercise. Despite the punishment, I have only niggling health issues: hayfever, a growing lactose intolerance, sinusitis etc. I feel really quite sexy and bouncy. So, I'm tempted to ignore the numbers on the scales.

But then, I've been thinking about what my body needs from me. I have a dodgy knee and an interesting lower back. Therefore, not carrying around the extra 21lbs will make a heck of a difference to my comfort. Obviously, if I'm stronger and fitter, it will contribute to my comfort levels.

The thing is, I like eating food that's high in fats. I love my carbs. Butter, double cream, olives, pizza, pasta...om nom nom. Those foods make me happy inside. Bring on the creamy, cheesey sauce and pour it all over. Oh yeah baby. Crisps? Why yes, I'd love some, thank you. There are some desserts where I'd walk out of the house naked for: creme brûlée, Eton Mess.... I like my food.

People in the wellness industry talk about having a healthy relationship with food and a healthy body image. The closest to sensible I've read has been Paul McKenna with I can Make you Thin. He says to eat when you're hungry and whatever you eat, really want to eat it and stop when you're full. To me that's sound advice for developing a better relationship with food. Especially if you comfort eat, or use food to try and deal with chaos and pain.

One thing I've learnt within the personal development world, is there isn't only one way. There are many. And people who tell you that only their way works are trying to sell you snake oil. I'm going to read up on the GI diet and see what feels right for me. Happily, Lawrence being a food scientist means I can sanity check things. I figure being aware of what I eat and balancing out the stuff I really want to eat with healthy foods and exercising regularly will help my body do the things I ask of it.


  1. Well, we're hardwired such that salt, sugar, and fat all make food taste better. That's why "diet food" tastes so horrible.

    I have every confidence that you will find a balanced, healthy, and sustainable diet that will work!

    1. I think it's going to be a mix and match thing. Picking out the bits that work from GI, 5-a-day etc.

      I'll get there. Truthfully, I'm not in a tearing hurry. I'd rather lose weight slowly and keep it off.

  2. I've given up saying anything about diet and eating habits. As you say, everyone needs their own way, and my way probably won't work for you. The real problem is that common sense and self-discipline so often gets ousted by flagrant temptation....

    1. I think it's about a little of what you fancy...

      Rather than a whole TUB! :D

  3. PS: A little something to brighten laundry day!

  4. I've noticed that when I 'really need a drink,' I instinctively don't drink, which is lucky (it's being a self-control freak, I'm not going to be ruled by alcohol or anything else). And I seem to have got the same relationship with food at present, so I can resist eating too much of anything just because it's delicious or I feel down. On the other hand, there's nothing I'll deprive myself of just because it's supposed to be fattening. Learn to put the fork down, is my way - which seems to say the same as Paul McKenna.

    1. I think your way is incredibly sensible.



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