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Adventures in Decorating

Me, last week
For the record, can I just say, I loathe DIY. I am not a Do It Yourself person. I am as practical as a chocolate tea pot. No, I don't like crafts either. Unfortunately, I am surrounded by crafty, practical, creative people. People who may decide to totally redecorate their bedroom at 3 am, and have it done ready for when they go to work at 9 am. People with a sense of style, colour and flair.
Had I won last Friday's Euromillions jackpot, a paltry £122 million, I'd have put my tools down and hired a painter and decorator so fast, they'd have thought the number was on speed dial.
As the flat was previously rented out and the colour throughout was the rent-standard Magnolia, and the purpose of this exercise was to not only make it inhabitable again, but also to make it MINE, leaving it bland was not an option. I've spent a lot of time on the Dulux website and even downloaded their app (yes, there's even an app for that).
So, I'm experimenting with co…

On the New Healthy Living Regime

You may have gathered that in the midst of all the chaos of my Life presently, I am on a health kick. Actually, it's not so much a health kick as a total re-think of Health in general.

I had my last cigarette in December. Inn March I began to do my workout DVDs again, albeit very sporadically until May. This week, I managed 3 workouts, which I am very pleased about. My back is niggling, so I won't push it too much. 

Today, Amazon delivered Living the GI Diet by Rick Gallop. There's a guy at work who is a fitness nut to the nth degree and he said it's about changing the way you eat so you're eating better food and feeling satisfied once you've put down your knife and fork. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have 21lbs to get off my butt.

It's interesting because there have been some really good articles on body image circulating on Facebook recently. I am not overweight. I am still within the boundaries of healthy weight vs. height and body-type and BMI. I've just gon…

To Do List for June 2013

My monthly To Do List for June 2013 only has 3 items on it:

1. Decorate Flat

2. Pack up and Move 

3. Write for a Living.

I will have to wade through 6 pages of tasks in order to complete these items. To say I'm a touch stressed by the whole thing, is like saying Elvis kind of liked fried food. Put it this way, I bypassed the Pink Fluffy Dressing Gown completely today. 

Normally it's not a good thing to make such a massive list of tasks, it's too easy to get discouraged by the enormity of it. However, I've got so much to do and the timing is quite crucial, I was worried I would forget something important. 

The good thing about breaking down all the tasks is I've been able to score some easy wins today. I am having a massive clear out. Today, I did books and CDs.

There's another shelf under this
And this is the other pile
Once all those were collected and piled up, I turned on my CD collection. I then went through  all the CDs, got rid of duplicates and the ones that were…