End of an Era

Ladies and Gentlemen, today is the day when it all starts to change. When everything I've been worrying about starts to happen. 

Today was Boy's last ever day at college. He will be taking his exams in the next few weeks and is then off to university. My baby is all growed up. 

His first school photo

Being all cute and innocent in Trinidad

Both of us hiding the incriminating cigarettes behind our backs. Yes, he was legal age

And more recently

The thing is I love him to bits for just being Boy. He makes me laugh. We like hanging out together. I'm not a traditional parent and he's an awesome son. 

I haven't done the school run for years. He's always been incredibly independent-minded and wanted to take himself off to school as soon as he possibly could. Today, it was absolutely chucking it down and as it was his last day, it felt right.

I'm glad I did. He went off to college, I went and celebrated with coffee and cake at The Window and later on we shared a heated debate on Facebook with other people from across the water about tattoos.

My baby is all growed up and I iz very proud of him. 

*proud mama smile* 


  1. Congrats to all concerned!

    PS: They definitely gave you the right baby at the hospital!

    1. Yeah, his parentage is fairly obvious.

      And thanks. I am going to stop going on about it....eventually.

  2. It's all kicking off now...

    1. Yes, it is. And it's great to see everything slotting into place.

  3. i remember those days!! as Z said...it's all kicking off now, sugarpie! xoxoxoxo

    AND, well done, Boy! *auntie hugs for you!*

    1. There's something really comforting about marking the passage of time.

      It's all as it should be.


  4. It's scary how the time flies! Congratulations to Boy and hugs to you for doing such a great job in moulding such an awesome young man.

    1. Thank you honey.

      I don't think I did much moulding. I suspect a lot of it was Boy surviving my parenting! :D



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