Thursday, November 24, 2011

Think Floyd

So when my exH declined to go with Boy to the Pink Floyd tribute band, I stepped up. It's actually my exH's fault we are Pink Floyd fans in this household. He introduced me to The Delicate Sound of Thunder compilation album when I was 19 and I haven't looked back since. Boy wanted to do something with his dad and was mucho pissed when his dad refused on the basis he was too old.

Me? I'll turn up to the opening of an envelope. I have no pride. If someone invites me, and they mean it, I'm there. Oh yes I am. Firstly, any excuse for a new experience. Secondly, I like to support. And thirdly, well...let's face it, I'd just spend my life on Facebook.

The gig was down at the Waterfront. An interesting venue. There's no dress code and it's a bit shady (but not in a bad way). On the way there, Boy asked me if I knew where I was going. Bless him. I've seen the Medieval Babes play there; and when I went through my very (brief) clubbing stage, I spent a few Saturday nights having a good boogie there. Their 80s nights were always great fun.

Well, what can I say? Boy brought the average age down a bit. But not much. Lots of past-middle aged ex-stoners, not a lot of hair. Those that had, it was the obligatory long and slightly greasey. The crowd were very good natured, if a bit subdued.

The band itself, Think Floyd were rather awesome. They played all the favourites. And I have to say, The Great Gig in the Sky was superb. It really was, and it's not particularly a favourite of mine. The backing singer really gave it some welly and with good feeling. During the intermission, it was so funny to see everyone milling about and trying to hide their yawns. I think we were definitely up past bedtime.

The second half, they played some early Floyd which I think would have been much better had I listened to it in the same frame of mind they were when they wrote it - stoned. But then, I prefer their later stuff anyway. The crowd sang Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2 rather well. And their version of Comfortably Numb was brilliant. Yes, we sang that one, word for word too.

All in all, a fantastic evening was had. If only my ears would stop ringing...

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Mish Mash of Life, the Universe etc...

Well, it's definitely turning to Winter. And I've pretty much pulled up the drawbridge and am ready to hibernate. Probably why I'm not blogging so much...though I'm usually lurking on Facebook, twitter etc.

Life is what it is, wintery, bit grey, good bits...

I will confess to having a bit of trouble with the fact that in 10 days time, Boy will be 18 years old! 18 years old! How the fuck did that happen? Eighteen years ago, I was married, living in Fakenham, waiting impatiently for his arrival. Eighteen years later, he's got a part-time job, a girl friend and is in college doing his A-levels. He's gone from bump to this fine young man, for whom I just feel this immense maternal love and pride.Bless him, he's being patient with me. I've been giving him loads of cuddles, hugs and generally checking him out.  I just can't get my head around it. Honestly, my heart hurts sometimes at the immensity, the wonder, the love and joy of him.

So much has changed in that time. It would be tempting to say, so much is still the same. But I wonder now if that's true. Looking ahead into the future, I wonder what Life will be like. Will he have a family, a career, be living near or far from me? I look forward to seeing him, a man, a husband, a father. One thing that won't change, he'll still be my baby. I think he's resigned himself to it. I might be knocking on 59, and he'll be 36 and I'm pretty sure he's still going to be my Boy.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Serendipity, or that's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh

Sometimes, Life can be an exercise in self-restraint, or in tedium or as it's been since Friday, fun.

My client cancelled his session yesterday, which was fine. I was due to have my braces adjusted (always a fun experience, not), so it meant I could move at my usual pace: snail's. I enjoyed 2 cups of my new Mexican blend of coffee...or orgasm in a mug as it's otherwise known in this house; and headed out. When I got to said orthodontist, he wasn't there. A letter was sent to my previous address in September. Oops. I was going to call into The Window for a cuppa anyway.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am old enough to know better. I understand the effect too much caffeine has on my system after years of indulging. Normally, I have one good cup of coffee to kick my day off and then at work, I drink instant (two spoonfuls mind you) after mid-day I stop. I drink coffee no later than 1pm. If I have a large meal, then one cup of coffee is fine. But generally speaking, if I don't stick to this rule, I turn into Manic Bunny and bad things happen. Tea doesn't seem to count. I can drink tea in the afternoons by the gallon. Yes, I know it's got caffeine in it, but it doesn't affect me in the same way. Yesterday, I let pleasure overwhelm my good sense. I tried a cup of the Brazilian blend which was lovely and nutty, and then of course had to try the new Jaberwocky in stock. When I drove home I was aware that I was in the midst of a major caffeine jag. The shakes are not fun, I can tell you.

The evening I hung out with the D-Man. We went to a local bar to listen to live music. The first act was not experienced and nervous. He wasn't bad, but like most new musicians, he just needed to get over himself. The second act, Nobodaddy, were fantastic. They say their music is literate folk, somewhere between Nick Cave and Gillian Welch. Their harmonies are tight, they are great musicians and they understand performance. If you're in Norwich and have the opportunity, see them, you won't regret it. After their set, the D-Man asks me 'more music or food'. Food it was.

Talk about a contrast to the night before. Certainly made up for it. We're friends and comfortable with each other. I still haven't found a subject that he knows nothing about. I keep trying. And he's not a bullshitter. I had a lovely time.

Unfortunately, I paid for those 4 cups of coffee. I was wide awake until about 3 this morning. I forgot to switch off furry alarm clock. The Cat went off at 6, 7 and 9 o'clock. I eventually crawled out of bed, Facebooked and as I was getting ready to head off, Boy creeps out of his bedroom and asks me to wait for him. He wanted to hangout with me in the City. *sigh* Love him as I do, Boy's getting ready routine involves shower, hair wash, hair dry, hair straighten.

Three quarters of an hour later we finally make it into the City. I rush off to meet Woolers for tea and a chat, but bump into the Lovely Ursus. In my diary for this evening was a reminder that the Great Ursus would be performing this evening. I was going to give them a ring to find out where and when. So, bumping into her was happy coincidence. It turns out my diary is a liar.

As part of the 10 year birthday of The Forum, the Great Ursus would be part of a flash mob performance in the Library. Woolers and I have a chat and tea and I tell him about the flash mob, I drag the poor man into The Forum. I laughed and laughed when I caught sight of the Great Ursus, he's not what you'd call inconspicuous at the best of times. And there he is, standing with a copy of Singing for Dummies in his hand!

He and the choir were fantastic. Though, how people couldn't have been aware that something was going on...there were cameras everywhere and the BBC lurking. I'm going to see if the footage makes it on-line and will definitely share. It was just brilliant. Such fun. After, we went for lunch at the brilliant Lebanese restaurant on Gentleman's Walk. The food was brilliant, company excellent.

This is what I just love about living in Norwich. If you feel sociable and you go into the City, I can guarantee that you will bump into someone that you know. There are so many great places to share coffee and cake. Or if you'd rather keep to yourself, that's possible too. I'm just loving the new places I'm encountering thanks to the D-Man. He's very knowledgeable about the local music scene and it's not about throwing a lot of money on an evening out. But it's about great music and a fabulous time.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Adventures in Dating...or how not to:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to share the story of Last Night with you. But first the backstory:

As you know, I tend to hang out at 103. It's a lovely eaterie within staggering distance from my house. It's a place where I can indulge in great food, with or without company. It's the sadly rare place where a single person can eat, or drink coffee and not feel like Billy No-Mate or Desperate Woman on the Pull (I am determinedly neither). During the summer, I fell into conversation with a gentleman who was witty and not-so-long divorced. We'd bump into each other there every so often. He appeared good company and I encouraged him to join the Unthank Supper Club. I was in London and so unable to go to September's do. At the October do, I was pleased to see him there. My adventures in London and with Northern Bloke meant that I've not been frequenting 103 as regularly. I gave him my mobile number and said, text me when you're having coffee and I'll join you.

Now, I abide to certain rules regarding the newly-divorced male. I am friendly, but I leave all romantic inclinations to one side. Generally speaking there's usually a pattern with them that I prefer to steer well clear of: they're either very wounded and need someone to pick up their pieces (and laundry) or they're angry and bitter and want to pick a fight. Having been through both those states myself, I figure if you're newly-divorced and living in a new city, you need a friend far more than a lover.

Yesterday, I got a text from said gentleman asking if I'd join him for dinner. I said yes. Never pass up on the opportunity for great food is my motto. I'm shallow like that. So, I rock up. The evening began well. He'd already had half a caraf of wine and ordered me a glass of Merlot. There was casual banter and I was enjoying myself. He was quite tactile, which surprised me. And I began to look at him more closely. The view was most illuminating as he drank more wine.

We were sat at the bench, in front of the windows of the deli, so we had a great view of passers by. He then began commenting on the women passing by. We both agreed that some women can't park a car for toffee, and frankly some just shouldn't be driving if their spatial awareness is so poor. But that's my bitch.

His bitch was perhaps a little more...bitchy and unkind, shall we say. He expressed very negative views on curvy women and his language was not so much bitchy, as offensive. I kept my peace. Until, a teenaged girl stood waiting for her friend. She looked very much like one of Boy's good friends (she wasn't, but very similar). And he started to drool. Don't get me wrong, I have tended to go out with older men. However, there's something really not right about a man in his late forties drooling over a woman not quite into her 20s. And there's something exceptionally not right about a man doing so, in the company of a woman, whose hair he's been trying to stroke.

I called him on it. He just shrugged and said 'it'd be different if we were an item.'

Actually, no. It wouldn't be different. In my mind, it's bad manners. But perhaps that's just me? In fact, I'm okay about it. No, I don't want my dinner companion drooling over other women in my company, because it implies I'm an 'also-ran', I am the boobie prize; even if we're just mates meeting up.

And then I got the low-down of his marriage. It didn't paint an altogether flattering picture of him. Especially, as he missed his wife's housekeeping skills. He then started to talk about his chat-up strategy in the meat market scenario. He's the sort who sits on the sidelines, watching the pretty girls waiting for them to come talk to him. Because, obviously they are telepathic and know he's interested because he's looking at them. He doesn't do any work in the scenario. And then gets bitchy when they go off with someone else. I told him I wasn't doing NLP on him for free.

I think I'd had enough when he started going on about fat guys. I said, 'I like my guys with a bit of meat on them' and swanned off for a smoke (yes, lecture later). We parted company upon my return. He didn't offer to even buy me a drink.

Boy was suitably unimpressed when I gave him the full low-down. He rightly asked 'why did you go?' Good question. I went because I am curious. I wouldn't have known, had I stayed home. I had a lovely meal, and now I know. I'm not particularly disappointed, I am slightly miffed at my loss of 2 and a half hours of my life. But that's okay. I do know that I am beginning to recognise how sexy kindness is. Had I stayed home, I'd have missed that lesson. Heck. You don't know, if you don't try. And I'm prepared to kiss a few frogs.