Think Floyd

So when my exH declined to go with Boy to the Pink Floyd tribute band, I stepped up. It's actually my exH's fault we are Pink Floyd fans in this household. He introduced me to The Delicate Sound of Thunder compilation album when I was 19 and I haven't looked back since. Boy wanted to do something with his dad and was mucho pissed when his dad refused on the basis he was too old.

Me? I'll turn up to the opening of an envelope. I have no pride. If someone invites me, and they mean it, I'm there. Oh yes I am. Firstly, any excuse for a new experience. Secondly, I like to support. And thirdly, well...let's face it, I'd just spend my life on Facebook.

The gig was down at the Waterfront. An interesting venue. There's no dress code and it's a bit shady (but not in a bad way). On the way there, Boy asked me if I knew where I was going. Bless him. I've seen the Medieval Babes play there; and when I went through my very (brief) clubbing stage, I spent a few Saturday nights having a good boogie there. Their 80s nights were always great fun.

Well, what can I say? Boy brought the average age down a bit. But not much. Lots of past-middle aged ex-stoners, not a lot of hair. Those that had, it was the obligatory long and slightly greasey. The crowd were very good natured, if a bit subdued.

The band itself, Think Floyd were rather awesome. They played all the favourites. And I have to say, The Great Gig in the Sky was superb. It really was, and it's not particularly a favourite of mine. The backing singer really gave it some welly and with good feeling. During the intermission, it was so funny to see everyone milling about and trying to hide their yawns. I think we were definitely up past bedtime.

The second half, they played some early Floyd which I think would have been much better had I listened to it in the same frame of mind they were when they wrote it - stoned. But then, I prefer their later stuff anyway. The crowd sang Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2 rather well. And their version of Comfortably Numb was brilliant. Yes, we sang that one, word for word too.

All in all, a fantastic evening was had. If only my ears would stop ringing...


  1. Did you see Mr. DeVice there?

    He appears to have gone missing.


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