Serendipity, or that's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh

Sometimes, Life can be an exercise in self-restraint, or in tedium or as it's been since Friday, fun.

My client cancelled his session yesterday, which was fine. I was due to have my braces adjusted (always a fun experience, not), so it meant I could move at my usual pace: snail's. I enjoyed 2 cups of my new Mexican blend of coffee...or orgasm in a mug as it's otherwise known in this house; and headed out. When I got to said orthodontist, he wasn't there. A letter was sent to my previous address in September. Oops. I was going to call into The Window for a cuppa anyway.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am old enough to know better. I understand the effect too much caffeine has on my system after years of indulging. Normally, I have one good cup of coffee to kick my day off and then at work, I drink instant (two spoonfuls mind you) after mid-day I stop. I drink coffee no later than 1pm. If I have a large meal, then one cup of coffee is fine. But generally speaking, if I don't stick to this rule, I turn into Manic Bunny and bad things happen. Tea doesn't seem to count. I can drink tea in the afternoons by the gallon. Yes, I know it's got caffeine in it, but it doesn't affect me in the same way. Yesterday, I let pleasure overwhelm my good sense. I tried a cup of the Brazilian blend which was lovely and nutty, and then of course had to try the new Jaberwocky in stock. When I drove home I was aware that I was in the midst of a major caffeine jag. The shakes are not fun, I can tell you.

The evening I hung out with the D-Man. We went to a local bar to listen to live music. The first act was not experienced and nervous. He wasn't bad, but like most new musicians, he just needed to get over himself. The second act, Nobodaddy, were fantastic. They say their music is literate folk, somewhere between Nick Cave and Gillian Welch. Their harmonies are tight, they are great musicians and they understand performance. If you're in Norwich and have the opportunity, see them, you won't regret it. After their set, the D-Man asks me 'more music or food'. Food it was.

Talk about a contrast to the night before. Certainly made up for it. We're friends and comfortable with each other. I still haven't found a subject that he knows nothing about. I keep trying. And he's not a bullshitter. I had a lovely time.

Unfortunately, I paid for those 4 cups of coffee. I was wide awake until about 3 this morning. I forgot to switch off furry alarm clock. The Cat went off at 6, 7 and 9 o'clock. I eventually crawled out of bed, Facebooked and as I was getting ready to head off, Boy creeps out of his bedroom and asks me to wait for him. He wanted to hangout with me in the City. *sigh* Love him as I do, Boy's getting ready routine involves shower, hair wash, hair dry, hair straighten.

Three quarters of an hour later we finally make it into the City. I rush off to meet Woolers for tea and a chat, but bump into the Lovely Ursus. In my diary for this evening was a reminder that the Great Ursus would be performing this evening. I was going to give them a ring to find out where and when. So, bumping into her was happy coincidence. It turns out my diary is a liar.

As part of the 10 year birthday of The Forum, the Great Ursus would be part of a flash mob performance in the Library. Woolers and I have a chat and tea and I tell him about the flash mob, I drag the poor man into The Forum. I laughed and laughed when I caught sight of the Great Ursus, he's not what you'd call inconspicuous at the best of times. And there he is, standing with a copy of Singing for Dummies in his hand!

He and the choir were fantastic. Though, how people couldn't have been aware that something was going on...there were cameras everywhere and the BBC lurking. I'm going to see if the footage makes it on-line and will definitely share. It was just brilliant. Such fun. After, we went for lunch at the brilliant Lebanese restaurant on Gentleman's Walk. The food was brilliant, company excellent.

This is what I just love about living in Norwich. If you feel sociable and you go into the City, I can guarantee that you will bump into someone that you know. There are so many great places to share coffee and cake. Or if you'd rather keep to yourself, that's possible too. I'm just loving the new places I'm encountering thanks to the D-Man. He's very knowledgeable about the local music scene and it's not about throwing a lot of money on an evening out. But it's about great music and a fabulous time.


  1. I'm so unsociable! Twice yesterday, both in Beccles and Bungay, I saw someone I knew at a bit of a distance and, since they hadn't seen me, I just kept going and didn't hail them. I'm sure it'd be more fun your way, though.

  2. z ~ bless. Unsociable? Really? I don't believe you. I'm sure you've had 3 parties this year.

    I suspect when you're out and about, you're a woman on a mission. Not the same thing as being unsociable.

  3. I was momentarily distracted by "Brazilian." Sorry.

  4. von LX ~ no worries, but it wasn't *that* great a coffee.


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