The world mourns the loss of Steve Jobs. Everyone crawls out of the woodwork to say how marvellous, what a visionary he was, how much the world will miss him.

I type this on my Dell laptop, but my iPhone is plugged in charging as I write. My iPod Touch is downstairs ready to belt out the tunes I love. The first proper computer in our house was an Apple 2e, Pops brought himself into the digital age on that, while I wasted time playing games on it. I was 14 years old.

A few weeks ago, I fell across Steve Job's 2005 Stanford address. I'm blaming Rog for this. I was moved and unbelievably inspired by his humanity, his humour and his wisdom (Steve Job's, not Rog's). The three anecdotes were exactly what I needed to hear at the right time. The Universe really does have amazing timing. His address reminded me, I'm not always right, I make bad decisions and that's okay. Reinforced that Life is too fucking short to waste time. It inspired me to continue following my Path.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the doom-mongers, the pessimists, the 'isn't Life shite' brigade. Yes, Life is tough, but I believe we've got a choice: to moan or to rise to the challenge. To remain the same or to embrace change. To wait for someone to make things better, or to find and implement ways to help ourselves and each other.

I am inspired by the story of Steve Job's life and achievements; and for me, that is a greater legacy than all his money and business achievements. Because ultimately, he is now the richest man in the cemetary and his family and close friends mourn his loss. And I feel for them and for us. They lost a husband, a father, a lover. We lost a shining light.


  1. Humanity, humour, wisdom? Nearly describes Rog too. He just has to work on that humour a bit...

    And well put, Roses, every word.

  2. z ~ thank you my darling.

  3. Am I out of "definitely beautiful" then?

  4. cogidubnus ~ sorry honey, you've got to sign in.


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