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The Window Coffee Room

Ladies and Gentlemen, I just have to share. Thanks to the D-Man, I've been introduced to The Window. Apparently, it is the smallest coffee house in the world. I believe that. Supported by The Prince's Trust, it's on Wensum St and it really is tiny.

As you know, I require one good cup of coffee in the morning to get me going. I can drink all the instant shit in the world after that (and heaven help me I do), but if I don't have that good cup of coffee...bad things happen. I'm fussy about my coffee. At work, they're ever so patient with me when they make me coffee. Work get in mahusive tubs of Gold Blend (you Nescafe abstainers, don't start abusing me), I have two spoons of that, two lumps of brown sugar and two spoonfuls of Coffeemate. I like my coffee robust (like my men...if I had any).

Yesterday, I ran out of my usual Taylor & Harrogate's Lava Java and had to start on my emergency stash of Italian Blend. Ugh. It was enough to get me clean and dresse…

Strong Arm Tactics

That's what I did when I did my NLP training in May. I think it was on Day 3, I rang Boy, all bubbly and enthusiastic and told him I was signing him up for the Practitioner's course in October. His response was: yes mum. As it was when I came back and was all excited. Yes mum.

So, we did the Get the Life You Want weekend with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna, and he suddenly got enthusiastic. He began to see what I was going on and on and on about. His potential began to occur to him. That weekend was great. He met the main trainers, he saw Richard on stage and had an idea what was going to happen.

He stayed with my cousin for 5 nights, but she was having guests, so I booked him into the hotel where the training was going on. When things went tits up with Northern Bloke and my plans for the weekend changed, Boy reiterated how much he wanted to see me.

I changed the room from double to twin and got my butt down to London Saturday lunchtime. It was amazing walking back into the co…


The world mourns the loss of Steve Jobs. Everyone crawls out of the woodwork to say how marvellous, what a visionary he was, how much the world will miss him.

I type this on my Dell laptop, but my iPhone is plugged in charging as I write. My iPod Touch is downstairs ready to belt out the tunes I love. The first proper computer in our house was an Apple 2e, Pops brought himself into the digital age on that, while I wasted time playing games on it. I was 14 years old.

A few weeks ago, I fell across Steve Job's 2005 Stanford address. I'm blaming Rog for this. I was moved and unbelievably inspired by his humanity, his humour and his wisdom (Steve Job's, not Rog's). The three anecdotes were exactly what I needed to hear at the right time. The Universe really does have amazing timing. His address reminded me, I'm not always right, I make bad decisions and that's okay. Reinforced that Life is too fucking short to waste time. It inspired me to continue following my Path.

It's All About the Attitude

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me share this pearl of wisdom with you: I have an attitude problem. I have been told that from an early age. It used to make me think I should curb my tongue and try to play nice. Last year, after my dad died, the Editor in My Head took a long vacation. While she was away it got me thinking that actually, my attitude problem stems from my view of Reality and my upfront communication style. You see, I lack the social graces which enable other people to eat dog shit and say 'mmm...yummy'. I would be the child in the crowd going 'why is the Emperor naked'.

My attitude problem cut short a promising career in local government, where there are a lot of naked people, doing stuff because that's the way they've always done it, and they need to been seen to be doing shit, rather than actually doing shit.

It's not that I lack compassion. I understand that Life is hard. It's nasty, brutish and fucking short. Actually, it's probably becau…

Get the Life You Want!

So said the e-mail and ad, with a picture of Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna in big bold colour. I had just finished my NLP Practitioner's Certificate and signed Boy up for it for the middle of October. Now, this is where you Ladies and Gentlemen have to give Boy a big-up. He gets this call from me, ranting how fantastic NLP is, how it's going to change my life and that I've signed him up for the week's course in London 6 months later. He sighed, said 'yes' in all the right places and considered getting me Sectioned. I get home, do more fast talking, arm waving and general enthusiasm. He sighs some more and humours me. Then I saw this e-mail. I make a phone call, get out my trusty credit card.

In the meantime, Life happens and then, suddenly, six months have passed and we're off to Wembley Stadium for the weekend that promises to enable us to Get the Life we Want. I won't bore you with the travel details, but I do reserve the right to rant about the hot…