The Window Coffee Room

Ladies and Gentlemen, I just have to share. Thanks to the D-Man, I've been introduced to The Window. Apparently, it is the smallest coffee house in the world. I believe that. Supported by The Prince's Trust, it's on Wensum St and it really is tiny.

As you know, I require one good cup of coffee in the morning to get me going. I can drink all the instant shit in the world after that (and heaven help me I do), but if I don't have that good cup of coffee...bad things happen. I'm fussy about my coffee. At work, they're ever so patient with me when they make me coffee. Work get in mahusive tubs of Gold Blend (you Nescafe abstainers, don't start abusing me), I have two spoons of that, two lumps of brown sugar and two spoonfuls of Coffeemate. I like my coffee robust (like my men...if I had any).

Yesterday, I ran out of my usual Taylor & Harrogate's Lava Java and had to start on my emergency stash of Italian Blend. Ugh. It was enough to get me clean and dressed and out of the house before mid-day.

What can I say? I'm so glad I did. Hayley remembered me from my previous visit from about a month ago and welcomed me like a regular. Because it's so tiny, it's not so much a coffee house, but more like someone's front room. The patrons chat to each other and it doesn't matter if you're a regular or have just wondered in off the street, you're welcomed and included in the conversation.

I explained what I was after and Hayley made my first cup, the House Blend. It was gorgeous. Robust and flavourful, mmmm.... But I fell in love with the second blend, The Mexican. Now you start talking about layer upon layer of flavour and body. Hayley ground me a bagfull and then let me smell.

Oh man, talk about fabulous. I think I shocked the other patrons when I said, it smelt good enough to do lines of it off a mirror.

This morning, I nearly leapt out of bed to make my coffee. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is an orgasm in a mug. Rich, layered flavours with a dark chocolate after taste. It's true, I'm in love.


  1. And nobody gave you a silver tubula - bad service! :)

  2. mago ~ we have a slight problem with translation. A silver tubula? I don't believe I've ever had one with coffee before.

  3. I don't drink coffee, but love the aroma. Especially fresh-ground Kona. Rich, earthy aroma from The Big Island.

    My caffeine vehicle is Coca-Cola. And, yes, I could do lines of it off a mirror.

  4. von LX ~ I'd love to get my nose in a bag of Kona. That sounds gorgeous.

    Coca-cola just doesn't have the same 'ug' reaction as the Mexican. I like it well enough, but it doesn't inspire me much.

  5. I've made a note for the next time I'm in Norwich.

  6. I'm like Mr Von Loxy, I love the smell of coffee... but will probably always be a PG tips type of woman.

    *Hugs* just because.

  7. z ~ it's near Fye Bridge, t'other side next to the Kebab takeaway. You won't be sorry.

    ms scarlet ~ there's always PG tips on standby here for you honey.

    *hugs to you* Because you're lovely.

  8. The day hasn't started till I get my coffee either.
    But does this place do mail order? Is there anyway I can get the mexican across the border??
    (See what I did there??)

  9. macy ~ boom boom. I did see what you did there.

    I will ask.

  10. I'm a coffee wimp so I either have a mocha (minus all the whipped cream they top it with here) or a vanilla cappuccino (store-bought instant mix from Costco and it is oh so lovely!) I do love the smell of freshly ground coffee beans though. Used to ask to go grocery shopping with my parents when I was a kid, just so I could grind the beans and inhale the aroma over and over.

    Hugs to you too, Roses, because you are a marvelous woman and I love getting to know you better as time goes by. xoxoxo

  11. ponita ~ I couldn't do without my coffee. I really couldn't.

    It's lovely getting to know you too my darling. Strange isn't it? We develop friendships across the aether and the distance between us only becomes an issue when we want to give each other a hug, or to meet up at the local to celebrate.


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