A Message from KAZ's Kev

Hi Roses- you don't know me except that I am Kev as in Kaz and Kev. I'm not replying in response to your post (although you do all seem to be having fun here), but because -

Kaz/Carol (I always called her Cal, still do) always wanted the blog to be her secret, nothing threatening, just no need to justify herself to anyone, which was fine by me. But she did leave me the way to get in when she was gone so that I could let you all know, as I did.

The few posts I looked at then were absolutely her to a tee, and coming on six months after she went I thought I should try to preserve her work in some way. I'll consult my brother about doing it properly but in the mean time I've read the whole blog (skimming the comments) and taken pages of notes. The experience has been, well, very hard to describe, but definitely a little bit like having her back for a while.

Can you do me the favour of letting the whole bunch know how much you all meant to her - and I don't just mean towards the end, although that was magnificent. She loved her blog, and now I can fully understand why.

Keith aka Kev

ps Roses - I picked your name out of the list for a couple of reasons, the most obvious being the name of the place in Catalunya where we spent so much time together. I'll call back in a while. Adeu.

Hi Keith/Kev

Sorry, I still think of you as Kev. I so miss Kaz, though it must be much worse for you.

If you do something with Kaz's blog in any kind of format, please let us know. She meant the world to us too. Please do pop back here or on Infomaniac, where you will be more than welcome. Anytime you want to call in...


  1. Dear Kev,

    Thank you for getting in touch with the gang via Roses.

    Kaz was such a special spirit who touched all of us with her wit and humor. Her blog posts about her adventures and observations as well as her comments on others' blogs were always a special treat to read.

    I exchanged a few e-mails with her and we also swapped photos so that we knew what each other looked like in real life.

    Take care, mate.

  2. Hi Kev,

    I still miss Kaz, and think of her often. She is irreplaceable.

  3. Hi Keith/Kev,

    I'd hoped that someday we'd hear from you again so thanks so much for getting in touch.

    Sometimes I'll be looking at an old post that I published and I'll see an old comment from KAZ so she's still making me laugh.

    I think about KAZ every day and as long as I have a blog, her avatar will be on my sidebar.

    We shared good times with her and her personality and spirit will always shine on.

  4. The post I wrote yesterday included a link to a post I'd written in which I mentioned Kaz, and on which she commented. Reading it yesterday brought back all the feelings I'd had about her death, so it's a little spooky to see this today.

  5. Hi Kev,
    Fantastic to hear from you - thanks for message. We've all been in bit directionless in our blogs without the lovely Kaz to put us right.

    On a practical note you could extract her blog here:


    And get it printed by lulu.com

    By the way the Kaz Koast to Koast sponsored bike ride raised over £500 for the charity thanks to all the kind spirited Kaz fans.

    And Murph sends his warmest nuzzles through the ether too....

  6. aka Kev9:24 pm

    Thanks for the hospitality. This isn't a part of the world I am used to visiting so I'll try to be a good guest.

    Special spirit, irreplaceable, still making me laugh ... the lovely Kaz. While we all live, she's with us, and thanks Rog, we'll try to preserve her work for anyone who wants it.

    I'll never give away, I hope, the bits of her I know which she kept out of the blog (Kaz was totally honest, but there's no such thing as the whole truth) but I'd like to think I can give something she might approve of - and I'm still trying to work out what she would make of Kaz Koast to Koast.

    August was no time to be in Catalunya, usually very hot and full of tourists. But we could keep an eye on the place -


    If this link works (not my expertise) you should see various views. One you might be familiar with looks along the bay to the headland, on many a postcard. So guess which was her favourite place?

    Its not a quiz, so - out into the desolate wasteland beyond Santa Margarida Canal, the start of the Parc Naturel. And just over there, the last time we were there, we walked into a flock of stone curlews. A very special place. And very Kaz.


  7. kev ~ the link works a treat, that looks gorgeous. I think I'm going to have to check it out personally, a geographic region named after me, it would be rude not to.

    And you're a lovely guest. And you're not alone.

    Hugs to you.

  8. Hi Roses, I wanted to say I read Kev's message on your blog and wanted to thank you for posting it - unfortunately blogger, or whatever it"s called, wouldn't let me,but thank you so much, it was so nice to have a little bit of Kaz. x

    From a friend of Kaz, who hailed me on Facebook.


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