MCW - Best Movie shot in Space

Please excuse me taking liberties with this week's meme. Being a big fan of SciFi, the choice is an endless one for me: Lost in Space, 2001 a Space Odessy, Star Trek (all of them), Star Wars (not mentioning the prequels), Alien(s), Space Balls, AvP (if we must). But when I visited the fabulous Ms Boxer this morning to remind myself what we were doing today, she (and Princess) have gone a bit retro.

This got me thinking about The Forbidden Planet and then of course, Return to the Forbidden Planet.

Return to the Forbidden Planet is a musical stage show based on the Tempest. The actors have to sing and play at least 5 instruments to performance standard. It's camp, interactive, the music is awesome, it's just fantastic. I first saw it when I was 36 weeks pregnant. Even then Boy enjoyed it. We've since seen it again 12 years later and it's still fantastic fun. YouTube is currently my friend and I hope you'll forgive this gross mis-interpretation of MCW. But I thought it would be fun.

This is the start of the play. Enjoy my darlings.


  1. Well done! I'm always so happy when you play. I didn't know you were such SciFi fan and you can take all of the liberties you need. :-)

  2. ms boxer ~ thanks honey, you know me ;-) taking all the liberties I can. Oh yeah, I'm a big Sci-Fi/Fantasty fan. Our dvd library is filled with it.

  3. Ms. Roses. Shhhhh. They're not REALLY shot in space you know. :)

    I love sci fi myself too. I'm a big fan of "Sunshine", "Moon" and a million older movies like "The Thing" (yes it IS sci fi).

  4. mago ~ Leslie?

    veggie ~ of course The Thing is Sci-Fi. And whadya mean they're not really shot in space?

  5. Forbidden Planet - Leslie Nielsen!


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