World Book Night Part II

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen my first attempt at a blog competition was not a rousing success. Actually, that's totally fine. Because thanks to my A Nony Mouse friend, I now have more books to give away. She spotted my cheeky attempt to spread the word and offered more books for me to pass on to my readers.

Princess (who won by majority votes) will get her copy as is her royal right. I've set aside copies for XL, Mago and Cyberpete.

So people, I've got another 2 copies looking for a new home/country.

First come, first served lovelies.


  1. Thanks!

    Oh Hai Pete!

  2. cyberpete ~ oh good. I'm glad.

    xl ~ my pleasure. Be warned you may have a wait. I won't be able to get to the Post Office for a week yet. I'll let you know when it's left my hands.

  3. I'm afraid, bloggers caught me on Facebook, so I don't have anymore books to send out.

    It will take me a week to pick up the extra copies of the book and to get to the Post Office, but I will let you all know when the Great Post Out happens.

  4. You give me book?
    Thank you!

  5. mago ~ for me to give you book, I need your snail mail address. E-mail me baby!

  6. If I hopped by and didn't at least say "Hey!", it would just be rude. So, excuse me while I pour myself a cup of tea, 'borrow' one of your biscuits, and now wander off out the door... ;)

  7. Thank you Roses...
    And thank you all for voting darlings..

    I'm looking forward to a god read...


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