It's That Time of the Year

I've spent what's been the first week of Spring, in bed.

I would like to say that RDJ was shackled there and he's now a ghost of himself (and many other smutty innuendos), but I'd be lying. I've had the strangest bout of The Lurgy ever. My throat felt like I swallowed razor blades for a couple of days, but I felt as if I've been beaten up. My joints and skin ache to the point where I've been downing the painkillers just so I could lie down. Gee came over yesterday to 'look at me', she said I look awful. It's good to have one's ego massaged every now and then. All my weekend's social arrangements have been postponed. I made it out the house today and I'm knackered and sore.

The good thing is I've been able to use the time to decide what I'll grow in the garden over the summer. I have no doubt I'll will find loads and loads of pretties in Nottcutts to bring home and enjoy. Indeed, I feel I'll indulge in another season of unashamed girlie-ness, rose pinks and whites. But I've also been thinking about planting onions, garlic and peppers in between my pretties. I've got a few large pots and containers dotted about, they'd be perfect for potatoes. I've also been thinking about perhaps growing some beans on my fence and maybe a couple of eggplants. I've got two troughs not doing anything, so I'm thinking about carrots.

There's lots I can grow, but the thing is - are we going to eat it? We don't tend to eat salad things and tomatoes only occasionally. But I suppose if it looks like we're not going to get through it, I could always put them outside for people to help themselves.

The really lovely thing about this time of year, is that once again, my puddle aka the pond is a Den of Amphibian Filth and Iniquity. It's absolutely full of spawn (the over-sexed sinners), in fact, I've never seen so much. I can't wait until the tadpoles hatch. When I go out onto the patio, I hear the frogs boasting of their sexual prowess. The copulating couples dive beneath the surface, trying to hide.

Ultimately, this means lots of Prince Charmings for me to kiss. Note to Self: get some lip balm next week.


  1. Rose's Pond Of Ill Repute?

  2. Good night Roses,

    Sorry to read you not been feeling well. Perhaps getting out in the garden will help you feel better and get some motivation back.

  3. xl ~ indeed. In a couple of weeks time, it'll be a nursery.

    karl ~ the good thing is: I haven't lost my motivation. The bad thing: I haven't got any energy to do anything about my motivation. *sigh*

  4. I hope that you are back on your feet soon Roses. the pink and white theme sounds great! Try out some vege between the pretties, you have nothing to lose. And like you say... what you don't eat yourselves can always be given away... The energy will return with time

    *makes a hot Toddy of Lemon Honey and Brandy by the bed side*

    That should do you a power of good!

  5. Why not grow some weed?

  6. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Once your strength returns, I bet your gardening will nourish you in return. But seriously, you question whether you'll eat veggies from your own garden and have the willpower to resist homegrown tomatoes? Does not compute . . .

    xoxo, eggy

  7. princess ~ thanks for the hot toddy lovely.

    mago ~ no honey. I'm trying to do away with all the weeds in the garden. It's a loosing battle against the brambles and the bindweed. ;-)

    eggy ~'ve got a point there.

  8. I want to have a garden, once I will. I kind of was taking care of an old garden once. What was most impressive were old bramble bushes with thorns and incredible strong roses that grew over trees. At one side these were kind of combined and formed a living hedge better than any fence at the garden's end. Brumble needs to be cut back pretty mercilessly, it nearly always comes back. And Intuitive Eggplant is right: It's from your own garden, and you know what's in it, you will eat it.

  9. I sort of don't think that weeds were what Mago meant by weed, do you?

  10. mago ~ sounds like my kind of garden, unkempt.

    z ~ no, I didn't think he meant those kinds of weeds either. I was being polite.

  11. I do hope you are on the mend. It sounds awful. Perhaps a hot chocolate with Bailey's would help?

    All that gardening and those frogs.. It's too much for me. I need a cold compress, glass of champagne and a rest on the chaise.

    Pink and white roses do sound lovely though.

  12. cyberpete ~ I'm getting there slowly, it's just taking time. Bleugh.


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