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For a bit of a laugh (as they say over here, in this part of the world), I thought I would challenge the breadth of your musical knowledge.

How many songs do you know with Jump in the title?

To kick things off, I'm putting this one out here. You can blame the lovely Savannah for reminding me what a completely awesome track this is, and how impossible it is to listen to it without bouncing along.

One song title per comment, no repeats. It would be outstanding if you can do YouTube links.

Come on, how else are you gonna spend Monday?


  1. Good evening Roses,

    This one's a little more to my taste, Benny Goodman And His Orchestra, One O'clock Jump.

  2. Jumping Jack Flash - Rolling Stones

  3. Jump (for my love) by the Pointer Sisters:

    Oh dear I've just admitted that I know that one!

  4. Jump - Van Halen.

    Since The Pointer Sisters are already taken.

  5. karl ~ yes, you're definitely first. Benny Goodman, what a treat. Thank you hon.

    dave ~ ah The Stones. Good choice. It's a gas, gas, gas.

    curious ~ considering I wanted those tulip skirts when I was 13, I'm not in a position to mock.

    mj ~ no sour grapes. Van Halen, spandex leggings and lots and lots of hair spray.

    xl ~ fantastic! A new one to me. A jive on a Monday night, just what I needed.

  6. Kylie had an album track called Jump back in 1998.

    Madonna had a song called Jump a few years ago.

    Dannii Minogue did Jump (for my love) many years ago.

  7. cyberpete ~ darling, you didn't read the instructions did you?

    One song!

    Choose now.

  8. You know I don't do well with instructions!

    Well, it's easy though. Kylie, Jump

  9. Dannii Minogue - Jump to the beat

  10. The only one I've got that hasn't already been mentioned is Jumpin' at the Woodside, by Count Basie.

  11. LOL too cool!xxooo

  12. Jethro Tull, Jump Start - not one of the most of my liked, I prefer the old Tull, "Crest of a Knave", well ... and there are other songs by Ian ... the definite version of Jumpin' Jack is by Mr. Winter, keep that syringe clean baby ... go for he whole ten minutes ...

  13. cyberpete ~ it is what I would have expected from you: not following instructions *and* Kylie. :-)

    petra ~ *sigh*

    z ~ *runs off to find the Count Basie track*

    savannah ~ a bit of fun and I've got to listen to even more cool music.

    mago ~ you always do this! You've surprised me once again. I love your choices. Jethro Tull is one of the bands I've known by name, not by music. It's gorgeous.

  14. Why are you sighing?

  15. cyberpete ~ you snuck an extra one in with your alter ego.

  16. A bit late but I submit Friendly Fires 'Jump in the pool'

  17. goth mum ~ no problem at all sweetie. As I've never heard it before, it's a welcome addition.


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