MCW Best Political Thriller

For me, it is Syriana. George Clooney is stunning and by gaining the pounds and facial hair, I was finally able to see what the fuss was all about. The man can really act.

No, this isn't a movie I'll watch again. It's too hard. It requires no imagination, no suspension of belief. Instead it acts as a mirror.

This is what the world has been like.


  1. Anonymous10:57 am

  2. No, not another political thriller post!

    I just want a drink and everywhere I go there are political thriller posts today.

  3. anonymous ~ eh? Ms Scarlet didn't leave a comment about her big pants here. I've already told her so.

    mj ~ fraid so. Today's the day. Don't worry, it'll be better next week.

  4. That was a brilliant movie. I watched it at the cinema, and then later bought the DVD. For some reason I have only watched it once since I got it. Mainly because of the torture scene. Nobody should be mean to the Cary Grant of the 21st century

  5. I've never seen this, but a close friend loved it so now with your approval, I'll see it.

    Thanks for playing. Now I must go fill MJ's vodka glass.

  6. cyberpete ~ I just about watched the torture scene. I was practically hidden behind a friend of mine. Ewww. And yes, I did cry at the end.

    ms boxer ~ it's worth having a look at. It might not be the most comfortable viewing, but it's well made and superbly acted.

  7. Good evening Roses,

    I've not heard of this one. It looks interesting and some of the lines in the trailer are so true. Another addition to the to see list.

    Happy clip day!

    Walks off waving a bottle of Jameson at MJ.

  8. Syriana is a rarity in today's film world: a suspenseful, interesting, intelligent movie made for adults. Good pick, and happy MCW!

  9. I do not know this film. Mr. Clooney can act? If you say so. I find very interesting and true what you say about films, this one being a mirror. The one I put up also worked this way.

  10. I hated Syriana. I mean not that it was bad, it's made me feel stupid. I had no idea what was going on. In fact, half way through I turned to my boyfriend who is a brainbox of the highest caliber and said, "What the BLEEP is going on?" He didn't know either. Maybe it was a bad day. I don't know. I just know I was hopelessly lost. I didn't watch to the end which almost never happens to me. I might have if I'd been able to follow the damn thing.

  11. I have not seen this movie but it's one that kept popping up in the top 10 political thrillers list. And I'm actually a Clooney fan so I will have to watch this.

    Happy MCW!

  12. karl ~ it is highly believable.

    moi ~ thanks honey. Glad you also agree.

    mago ~ yes, he really can. He's not just a pretty face (who I have no lust for at all). I'll be over in a moment.

    veggie ~ it's very fast, with little let up and jumps from situation to situation. Worth another try.

    buzz ~ if you're a Clooney fan, you'll take a breath in at this. It's great.

  13. Karl! Come back!


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