A Bit of a Re-think

So Ladies and Gentlemen (and Dave), guess what?! It's the end of February. Yep, that's right. We're now two months down in 2011 and another ten to go. How're your resolutions faring? If your answer is 'WTF is she talking about? What resolutions?', I suggest you pour yourself another double, light your fag, sit back and relax. Don't worry, I've got enough energy and bounce for you too.

This is the end of the second month in which I made my resolution to do just one thing: stop thinking about it. (Yes, I know I'm repeating myself, have a little nap, I'll wake you up when there's a new bit) and do it.

In this time, I have started exercising regularly, time and aching muscles permitting. I also stopped smoking (ahead of schedule, that was supposed to be on the agenda for March). How do I feel? Actually, pretty damned amazing. I can't say I feel amazing physically. Looking at my wobbly bits, well, they're still wobbly and despite it all I've actually gained weight and it isn't muscle. Surprisingly enough, I'm losing my morning cough and I can breathe much more easily. I feel great in that I've done what I set out to do. Just doing these things for myself has made such a huge difference to my mood. I realised I can make a difference to me. It's opened up other possibilities as well. If I can do this small thing for me, what else can I achieve when I set my mind to it?


At the moment, I'm having a bit of a re-think. February was supposed to be about meditation, instead I dealt with V-Day and stopped smoking. This means March is wide open. I could either do meditation, or see what crops up and go with that. Don't know. But that's okay. I've got a huge pile of reading to do in the meantime. I'm doing some research on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I'm enjoying what I read and want to learn more.


  1. You are correct. I am no gentleman.

  2. dave ~ ok, so your funny bone doesn't work. How about your femur?

  3. I did realise it was said humourously. I sometimes think you don't get my subtle humour.

  4. I've forgotten what one of mine was, still playing the clarinet half-heartedly and I haven't got a dog yet.

    Exercising doesn't make you lose weight unless you do an awful lot of it, but it raises your metabolism so makes dieting more effective. Or so my doctor assured me.

  5. dave ~ actually, I think sometimes you don't get mine. I'll go back to the drawing board.

    z ~ you weren't going to sign up to any more committees. Well, you've started asking around for a dog and you're still playing the clarinet. So, I think you're doing pretty good.

    Bum, I didn't want to have to diet. I like my food too much.

  6. I haven't, then.

  7. Good night Roses,

    The important thing is that you're feeling good about what you're doing. Z is correct, You have to eat less and exercise to lose weight. However you don't have to go on a diet. Just manage your diet, You're changing your lifestyle, not doing a fad.

    By the way. Personally, I feel the wobbly bits are some of the most entertaining portions of the female anatomy.

  8. What were my resolutions?

    Maybe going to bed early? That didn't happen tonight as it's twenty to one am. Ugh! Got work tomorrow

    You are awesome!

  9. z ~ oh dear.

    karl ~ eating less and exercising is an interesting proposition when it's winter and the exercise has increased my apetite.

    But yes, I get your point.

    cyberpete ~ you were going to keep me company doing the Davina workouts!

    Thanks honey.

  10. I was trying to live by a routine because I'm so easily distracted. I kept to it for a month... but it's sort of fizzled out now and I've gone back to doing things when I want.
    I am hopeless, but congrats to you for keeping your resolve.

    WV: restshin - what could it mean?!

  11. @Scarlet: Restshin means don't take up jogging.

  12. Keep up the good work Roses...
    It must feel good to stick to your plans... Well done...

  13. ms scarlet ~ I couldn't bear the thought of a routine, until I figured out I already had one in the morning. Human beings are weird.

    From what you said the routine just didn't work for you.

    mj ~ good advice. I agree.

    princess ~ it feels great being in control of things. That I can effect change in my life and how I feel.

    Depression robbed me of so much energy and competance. I'm glad it's in the past.

  14. Right, that's not going very well. Is it?


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