Got Ma New Boots On

Tuesday lunchtime, I belted into the City. I treated myself to some MAC goodies. On the way back to the alternative health care practice, I knew I was running out of time but I still called into House of Fraser in the Chapelfield Mall. Over the weekend, I had a vague look for some black, knee length boots, but nothing really grabbed hold of me.

As they say in Trinidad, 'who tell me do dat?'

I was served by the friendliest shop girl ever. She showed me these:

Well, what can I say? They fit fantastically well. And they look....AWESOME. These Ladies and Gentlemen are taxi shoes. No walking anywhere in these. The best bit? Darlings, these boots were a bargain. End of Season Sale, I had £50 off them. Of course I had to buy them. No question about it.

So, while I was there, I thought I really ought to look at some brown boots while I'm at it. I don't want to keep wearing my walking boots. Cyberpete is a bad influence on me. No more ugly shoes for me. And then I saw these:

Again, they fit surprisingly well. Darlings, these had £40 off. Bargain. My credit card is currently exhausted. It's refusing to talk to me.

I dashed back to work. When I told my Boss what I'd done, he wasn't at all cross I was 5 mins late, he wanted to see! I love the people I work with.

I wore the black boots into work, which was the Financial Services office. There are some disadvantages to working for your Independant Financial Advisor, especially when you've been categorically told to cut down the frivolous spending. However, he was in a good mood and I didn't get the lecture I was expecting.

I will say, wearing these gorgeous boots makes such a difference to me. I've been strutting around: shoulders back, chest out, tummy in. I couldn't wear such fabulous boots and not pay attention to make-up, clothes and accessories. Things I haven't been paying any attention to for many, many months. So, yay me.


  1. *grabs chest* booots ....

  2. I've been wearing my boots alot recently.

    Walking botts that is.

  3. Mistress MJ loves wearing beautiful boots.

    And Paolo Nutini is on my personal jukebox...I think he needs to lick my boots in appreciation.

  4. I'm loving those Boots...

  5. If they give you pleasure, they're sensible shoes!

  6. I'm a big boot person however, up here I wear boots six months a year thanks to the neverending winter, so come the end of it, I want something that is NOT boots. :)

    However, had I known you were going to go get all extravagant with the boot buying I'd have hypnotized you into buying me my coveted short length distressed cowboy boots. You know you wanted to.

    Also, your word veri = SATEN.

    So close...

  7. mago ~ oh yeah baby.

    dave ~ and taking some good pictures. Keep up the good work.

    mj ~ honey, with your legs, you've just got to. Besides, I blame you. It's because of you I hang out with these fabulous people.

    princess ~ aren't they fab?

    xl ~ see, I just love the way you think.

    veggie ~ six months of winter, I bet your feet are crying out for flip flops.

    I've never had cowboy boots. Hmmm...

    (you're living up to the word v)

  8. The black boots are awesome! Love them!

    I am in need of new shoes but maybe I'll get them in May. I did buy new Dolce & Gabbana underwear though and it almost has the same effect for me

  9. cyberpete ~ now I know you approve, I can relax. Phew. I'm not going to say 'enjoy your new underwear', because that just sounds wrong.

  10. And I am not going to say I am, because that would be even weirder.

    I am now addicted to

  11. I have posted a tribute to your boots!

  12. Those black boots are awesome!

    I love how new items of footwear or clothing can instantly change one's demeanour.

  13. cyberpete ~ you're right. Let's just leave it at that.

    ms scarlet ~ Kinky Boots! Brilliant.

    idv ~ it's true even with the more sensible brown boots. I've been strutting around the City going 'check me and my new boots.'


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