Tuesday, the new Monday

Ladies and Gentlemen, let it not be said, I lead a boring life. Indeed, I would go as far as saying I live in 'interesting times'. Not the 'interesting times' of being stalked by Robert Downey Jr; pestered by Prince Charming to give up my life in Norwich and go and lie with him on the beach of his private island in the Tropics, to be waited on hand and foot; nor discovering the winning lottery ticket worth an obscene amount of money 'interesting'.

Oh no.

Yesterday, I enjoyed my first cup of coffee; nay, I savoured it. I rolled it around my tongue, appreciated every whiff of coffee aroma. Thus fortified I headed off to work. There was the usual traffic, I crept out of a junction and then...

I hit another car.

In the Grand Scheme of Things, I have much to be thankful for: no one was hurt, no one died; both myself and the other driver are properly insured; I have an insurance company who has proven itself worthy of the hefty premiums; I have employers who are understanding; I have friends who on hearing my voice and tale of woe, put the kettle on.

Within an hour, my poor battered Pride and Joy was put on the back of a lorry and carted off to the body centre to be assessed. I sat in Gee's back room and alternated between shaking and sighing. I drank very sweet coffee, smoked half a hundredweight in tobacco and ate toast slathered in butter and honey.

It was a few hours before I could get it together to go pick up the courtesy car. The courtesy car, I've decided is the punishment for my lapse of attention. I try very hard not to hate it. I'm being grateful that a) I have a courtesy car, because having to rely on public transport for the next few weeks would be a nightmare b) it's clean, tidy and new. Can you tell I write that with gritted teeth?

When I said to the insurance company that it was my fault; that I broke the cardinal rule of road traffic collisions (RTCs) and told the other driver so, the very nice lady laughed. She said if I hadn't have said it was my fault, she would have been telling me so.

I thought I was clear to cross the junction, I wasn't. It's quite cut and dried. If I had a do-over, I would do it differently. I don't. So there it is. No one died. When I said that to the guy who winched my Pride and Joy up the back of his lorry, he just looked at me and shook his head. He said that he wished all of the RTCs he went to had a similar story. He said he seen things that still give him nightmares.

So, all in all, I'm shaken, not stirred.


  1. I still won't use the junction where I had my accident 2 years ago.


  2. Yikes! You were downplaying it yesterday when it was totally scary and car being picked up by lorry. *HUGS*

    I'm so happy no one was hurt. Do stay safe my darling! I would like to actually see you in person later this year. Wine?

  3. Oh, bummer. Pleased that you are otherwise OK.

    What got crunched on the car?

  4. Yikes, scary! Well I'm at least happy you're fine enough to joke about it.

    What I also took from this? It's the COFFEE's fault. :)

  5. Oh babe, what a bummer. I'm so sorry. But you're right, deal with it and move on, cautiously xx

  6. Goodnight Roses,

    Shaken not stirred hmm, time to plug in the vodka fountain?

    Seriously, glad you're all right. If you haven't gone to bed yet you might consider taking a couple of aspirin or ibuprofen before going to bed you'll feel better in the morning. The shot of adrenaline you got when you hit the car will likely cause muscle soreness tomorrow. Not to mention the headache of getting your car fixed.

    Take Care

  7. Oh Dear - good to hear that no one was hurt! Ah Roses, let me hug you ...

  8. dave ~ I can understand that.

    cyberpete ~ Fortunately, and I do say fortunately, my car copped most of the damage. It did was it was designed to do, crumple and diffuse the energy.

    I would love to see you. Share a bottle IRL.

    xl ~ the front left hand-side of my car. It crumpled round my wheel, so I couldn't drive her. She needs new internal bits as well as new body work. Bleugh.

    veggie ~ never blame the coffee!

    z ~ I suppose I'm keeping it in perspective. I could do wailing and gnashing of teeth or hysteria, but I don't see any point. Thank goodness for protected No Claims.

    karl ~ thank you honey. No headache or soreness that morning. The insurance company is sorting it all out on my behalf. They organised the car to be picked up, they've authorised the works to be done and I've got a car until my Pride & Joy is ready. As I said, I have very little to complain about.

    mago ~ hugs gratefully appreciated my dear. What a week.

  9. I have done it myself - unfortunately on more than one occasion and it is just so bloody annoying especially when you have no one else to blame.

  10. So, all in all, I'm shaken, not stirred.

    We should have known there’d be an alcohol reference.

    I'd hug you if Mago weren't clinging so tightly.

  11. moggie ~ it's not really how I view what happened or life in general. In all honesty, I'd have been incandescent with rage if someone had hit me like that. That's the control freak in me, I suppose.

    Hey it's life innit. Shit happens. What to do?

    mj ~ you've never been squeamish about threesomes before. What's going on with you?

    Come here woman give me a hug.

  12. You may slip in Mistress ...

  13. Glad you're all right!

    I used to have insurance AND a driver's license... but these days, I just can't seem to figure out how to have both at the same time.

  14. mago ~ honey can you move your elbow...Oh. That's not your elbow.

    roxy ~ that's a dilema. Over here, the police get a bit tetchy if you don't have both. Thanks honey.

  15. mj ~ sorry, was that your elbow?

  16. So glad you're ok dear Clear the streets everyone, here she comes.

  17. I hope you are feeling the love on this otherwise dreary Saturday morning

  18. hayward ~ thank you my darling.

    cyberpete ~ I'm a bit sore today, but otherwise am good. Got a housework To Do List, which I'm keeping short.


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