February Resolutions

So, how's it going with those resolutions people? Apparently, if you do something regularly for a month, it officially becomes a habit.

I sit here, still absolutely exhausted from the hour's worth of Davina workout. I'm still not convinced by the exercise argument. I'm knackered and I'm rapidly discovering new places that ache. I really want to crawl back into bed, but no can do. I'm off to the pictures in a bit.

January was all about getting into the exercise habit and seeing to my health. I haven't quite got to my goal of at least 30 mins worth of exercise every day. But I've taken the 'sensible' view as I haven't exercised regularly in years, if I build up to it gently, I'm less likely to hurt something and then stop. My knee causes me some concern. It really doesn't like squats and lunges. It's been aching quite a bit. There's a balance to be found between pushing it to build the muscle around it and pushing it too far. My dishy osteopath agrees with my sensible approach and when I saw him Friday, he's asked to see me again in the coming week. Working my shoulders really is seeing an improvement in keeping them away from my ears and keeping my neck pain-free. Result.

You'll be pleased to hear, I passed my health MOT. Bloods and everything else within normal parameters. I certainly was pleased. My genetics conspire against my love of everything fat-laden and I was concerned that I would be seeing a nutritionist in the very near future. A life without butter and double cream, is bleak for me. However, being more aware of the fats I consume has lead to making better choices (sometimes) of what goes into my mouth (I can't wait to see what smutty comments I get for that sentence, but I'm leaving it in).

Ladies and Gentlemen, you'll notice that I've not made any mention of my weight. This is deliberate. Generally speaking, my weight fluctuates by about 7lb at a time. In the grand scheme of things, according to the BBC BMI calculator, I'm the lower end of the normal curve for my height and weight. What I'd like to do, is stop that weight fluctuation. I'd like to cook good food more regularly. But frankly, one thing at a time.

February is all about my mind. This is the month I want to start meditating regularly. To this end, I have myself a cushion and a mat and tonight, I'll kick it off. The Buddhist meditation I've been reading about isn't about making your mind blank, it's about developing focus and concentration. So, that's this month's goals sorted. This is what I will be doing.

It's funny, just by changing one thing in my life, I feel far more confident. I can do the things I set out to do. Small steps, not giving up, not beating myself up, makes such a difference.

March will be about giving up smoking.

April will be about eating good food. Small portions, regularly. I will be pestering you for ideas in April, you are warned.

I am making this up as I go along. It seems to be working so far.


  1. Smoking is the toughie. I smoke whilst practicing my sun salutations; it makes me feel slightly more virtuous.

  2. sounds like you are on track. I am yet to make any resolutions but got on the clanky old exercise machine this week and almost died.



  3. You are indeed talking to my guilty conscience! I haven't done anything at all. I want to be a structured person. The one who exercises, cleans dishes after dinner and cleans regularly. Even the one who makes jams and such before work.

  4. It must be nice to get some "Stickability" back in your life. One area at a time.
    As for the smoking...Like i should talk (30 a day gasper)don't beat up on yourself if you do fall off the wagon per chance... I never do... I give up smoking regularly in between smokes!

    Good news on the health front and you are being wise showing kindness to your knee darling...

    Oh hai Scarls... What do the Runes tell you today?

  5. "passed my health MOT"

    What is that? In any case, congrats on passing it!

  6. I am delighted that I have no desire at all to make smutty comments.

    Well, not today.

  7. ms scarlet ~ darling, you're fabulous. Who needs virtuous? Though the image of you puffing away as you do yoga really is making me smile.

    david ~ not sure where this track is taking me. Well, I suppose we'll see when we get there.

    You need to be careful when moving clanky old exercise machines about. That shit's heavy.

    cyberpete ~ You've gotta accept you are who you are. Jam in the mornings before work, just doesn't seem like a good time to me.

    princess ~ my dad used to say, he gave up 40 times a day. An under-estimate if ever there was one. No, I'm not making another big stick with which to beat myself. I'm doing things gently.

    xl ~ an MOT in the UK is when the a car is checked over to make sure it's roadworthy. My health MOT was the human version.

    dave ~ I'm disappointed.

  8. I am surrounded by those types of super people who wake up at 5am and simply can't go back so sleep. So they put on a load of laundry, clean the house, bake and make it to work on time.

    I wake up at 7am and stumble to the bathroom cussing. I'm barely awake when I stumble into work five minutes late. I think I am doing something wrong.

  9. pete ~ honey, you are surrounded by weirdos. Leave. Leave now. I've never woken up at 5am and felt the need to leave my bed to do household chores. Never. I think people who do are just nuts.

  10. That's what I was thinking until it turned out there were lots of them. They are all like that!

  11. I've got such a short attention span. It's by the end of a month that I'm bored with something. I suppose it saves me from getting into bad habits though?

  12. cyberpete ~ don't you dare start thinking they're the normal ones. Anyone who gets up at 5am to do housework...Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It's actually a mental illness. You work with lots of crazy people.

    z ~ the challenge for me is to find something I want to do regularly. Apart from sit on my sofa and drink red wine. I've never thought you had a short attention span. Good grief woman, you blog at least once a day.

  13. You're doing far more than I ever could. I don't think that I have the patience or the self-discipline. Good luck to you.

  14. Right. So I'll make myself a drink and go to bed. Was going to keep awake until the Super Bowl half time show, but it's so dreadfully boring so I'd better get some sleep.

  15. mme deF ~ I've not been gifted with either of those things. Truthfully, I'm just doing things that are good for me a little bit more regularly.

    cyberpete ~ honey, I was watching Hawaii 5-0. Yummy. Have a good day at work sweetie, ignore the crazies.

  16. Resolutions?


    (That's Canadian for WTF?)

  17. Oh, I don't have work today. Will ignore the crazies tomorrow though.

    Hope you are having a lovely day. New reality tv show starting tonight. Paradise Hotel, where hot, scantily clad people people drink too much, wear too little clothes and I don't know what else. Have sex?


  18. mj ~ That's what I like about blogging, I'm learning a whole new language.

    cyberpete ~ you've just reminded me, I must go and clean my tv after watching 2 hours of Hawaii 5-0. Hope you've enjoyed your day off.

  19. Bring on the guilty pleasures...I'm not giving anything up. Just trying to be more mindful whilst doing the washing up!

  20. Anonymous10:50 pm

    I'm with The Mistress on this one.

  21. sarah ~ I don't do guilt; but I do pleasure. I can see the argument for mindfullness in all things, but for me, I won't be practising it doing the dishes.

    It's usually a miracle if the dishes get done around here.

    mago ~ that's okay honey, each to their own.

  22. Can you send me the name of that meditation as the one I am trying is about blanking the mind which is so hard in a busy life. My new years res is just about being confident and optimistic I have to keep reminding myself but doing ok which is good for me in February.

  23. moggie ~ This is the meditation from Jack Kornfield 'A Path with Heart' and this is the way I do it. Which might be 'right' or 'wrong', but I've found it works for me.

    Settle yourself so you are comfortable and well supported. I count 40 breaths before beginning the meditation proper. I do it in blocks of 10 and count the rounds on my fingers so I don't lose my place.

    I then repeat these phrases internally.

    May I be filled with loving-kindess
    May I be well
    May I be peaceful and at ease
    May I be happy

    I focus on the meanings of the words as you say them in your mind. Really bring your attention to this. When the chattering monkeys start, gently return your focus to the words.

    Don't use this as an exercise to beat yourself up. This takes time to build focus/concentration. It's like any other skill to be learnt, takes time to develop. Allow yourself to find it boring, difficult, uncomfortable and keep doing it.

    Good luck my dear.

  24. xl ~ I couldn't follow affirmations from a man wearing a toupee.

    *hangs head in shame*

  25. Giving up smoking?

    I'm going to pretend I didn't just read that.

  26. Goodnight Roses,

    I think it's great that you doing as much as you are. Although I would caution you not to push it so hard that you burn out. And hurting yourself could set you back one all that you've gained. You will reach your goals as long as you stay at a safe and steady pace.

    I am pleased to hear you pasted your MOT. One comment on fat intake. A little bit of real fat like cream or butter is much better than going with a synthetic fat, like Transfats that can change the way your body metabolizes food.

    And lastly on smoking, I started smoking when I was 12 years old, I quit at 35. For much of that time if I didn't have a diving helmet on my head, I had a cigarette in my mouth. 3 packs a day were not uncommon. If you can beat this habit, you'll never regret it. If I had bought Apple stock with the money I pissed away on cigarettes, I could retire now.

  27. roxy ~ I'm sorry to let you down.

    karl ~ hey hon. My knee agrees with you this morning. It's not happy with me. Don't worry, I'll rest it. I see my dishy osteopath tomorrow.

    I know it's moderation in all things, but I'm not very good with moderation. It's something I'm learning.


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