MCW Best Broadway to Movie Phantom of the Opera

I confess, I scratched my head. I then consulted the oracle of the stupid that is Wikipedia and found one of my favourites: Phantom of the Opera. Technically a West End show that was shipped to Broadway, but hey, we're all friends here.

I chose this clip, simply because I heart Antonio. I know he's let himself go of late and quite frankly Sarah Brightman has to turn down her voice just so he can be heard. But enjoy anyway.


  1. Dear Roses,
    I loved the stage show of this.The boat travelling through the sea of candles was just mesmerising...
    I found the movie "Difficult" Antonio Bandyarse does have a little bit of trouble getting his notes out. I think its probably the toxic fumes he inhales from troutlips's botoxing...

    And it did originate in the Old Dart after all....

  2. Holy mother of all that is holy, I had no idea Antonio Banderas was in this. I heart Antonio so and am still waiting for him to leave that ditzy blonde of his for ME, a ditzy semi-highlighted brunette. Who will somehow have to figure out how to hide him from the spouse. Details.

    Thanks for enlightening me, and Happy Movie Clip Wednesday, Roses!

  3. I remember this show and I really enjoyed it. He was the only good thing about EVITA, which I almost picked.

    Andrew Lloyd Weber effectively saved Broadway with his infusion of musicals. Too bad he didn't stop when he was ahead.

    Happy MCW!

  4. princess ~ There seem to be several versions of the movie running around. I only picked the clip because of Antonio, I think a whole movie of him trying to sing would drive me to violence.

    moi ~ He was gorgeous, all long, lean and latin. And then he put on weight and grew a lot of facial fuzz. He's all yours honey. Let me know when you want to go pick him up, I'll help shave him.

    ms boxer ~ I'm a sucker for a musical, I have to confess. And Phantom is particularly shivvery.

  5. I have to say something about Antonio singing. I haven't listened to the clip yet but his singing can't be worse than Pierce Brosnans in Mama Mia. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?!

    This leads me of course to Richard Gere singing in Chicago which was a bit bizarre but not as bad as 007. I LOVE Chicago and would have loved to see it live.

  6. I had no idea Antonio was in this! Like Moi I find his choice of Melanie Griffith and her sink plunger lips a mystery!

  7. I have not seen the movie but did see a theatical version with the Mrs in Philadelphia (Academy of Music) some years ago. Banderas can barely speak English let alone sing. I like him better when he shoots things.

    Happy MCW!

  8. cyberpete ~ I've avoided Mama Mia, but will bow before your greater expertise.

    ms cake ~ At least it answers one burning question, he can't sing.

    buzz kill ~ yes, I would rather he shoot things too.

  9. Antonio Banderas.

    Robert Downey, Jr.


  10. mj ~ ask a difficult question next time. Robert Downey Jr.

  11. You know, the West End production of Mama Mia was great. The movie was truely awful. I watched the first 30 minutes and fast forwarded through the rest.

    It felt like someone was slowly taking my will to live. It was that awful.


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