Good News Day

After a busy week at work (both places thereof) and spending yesterday in reception watching the same footage of the Brazilian and Australian floods, I thought we could all do with some cheering up. Because obviously, my blog is all about ME.

Today, has been pretty busy. Bit of a bummer, considering I was awake for 2 1/2 hours last night. I don't work Fridays. Technically, Fridays are my lazing about day. Which is why I was awake at 7 o'clock, attaching clamps to my eye lids and eye brows to try and keep moving (have I mentioned, I'm not a morning person?). I had to go to my doctor's surgery. Now therein lies another tale. Boy and I have been under the care of the same GP for the last 15 years. When I came back from Trinidad, he'd moved on. I'd been determinedly carrying on, not requiring medical attention since then. Come January, I realised in 3 months, my hayfever season will kick off, unleasing the horrors of gooey eyes, streaming snot and general unpleasantness. If I start taking my antihistamines before the season starts, generally my symptoms don't drive me to murder. During the course of today's visit, I met this fantastic woman doctor: lively, engaging, big sense of humour. I thought 'I'm going to have you'. So, in the next couple of weeks I will be going for drug meeting with her....umm...that sounds wrong. Prescription drug meeting. You know what I mean. Stop sniggering in the back there.

So, that's my first bit of good news.

Second, I have managed to acquire a designer handbag, for not a lot of money. This is the first designer handbag I've ever owned. Mostly, my bags come from sensible shoe shops or a market stall. A trendy young thing at work had ordered it online and when she opened the box in reception she said it was a bit old lady for her. Given I am pretty much twice her age, I made her an offer for the bag. I like it. I can't show you a picture, I looked online and can't find it. You'll just have to take it on my word that it's rather nice.

Third, through work, I have managed to secure the services of a plumber. Now, you in different parts of the world, may be scratching your head going 'WTF?' Let me explain how it is here. In your part of the world, plumbers may be considered blue collared workers, poorly paid, the butt of many innuendos...over here, plumbers are rarer than unicorns. A good plumber gets paid more than a suited banker in the City. I kid you not. I've been trying to get plumber in to sort out a few jobs around the house: taps need new washers, singing pipes, leaking sinks, servicing my boiler so we don't die. Nothing major. Because the Financial Service Company also do property investment, they have on hand lists of good tradesmen. The plumber, rang me within 24 hours of me asking for the referral. He was able to organise a time that was convenient and he turned up 10 mins early. For an hour and a half, he and his son, poked, prodded and made occasional banging noises. With the result Ladies and Gentlemen, my pipes no longer sing! My boiler is safe. My radiators bled. My sink no longer leaks and he also changed my plug for it. Yes, the bill did make me blink. But you know what, I don't care. It's done.

And finally, as you know, I occasionally require the services of my dishy osteopath to coax the shoulders from my ears (mine, not his). Stress tends to lock my shoulders in place round my neck, as well as locking my spine in the middle. It requires him folding me into a pretzel until my vertebrae crack and I squeak. Or he takes my head in his hands and twists and tugs making me wonder whether he's really homicidal and is practising his snapping neck technique.

Anyway, I didn't workout today. Today, I went into my place of work and saw him. After stretching, I could still feel my back resisting in several places and I did want to have a chat with him to make sure I was doing the right kind of exercises. My shoulders and neck have been so much better since I started the exercises again, I did feel a bit silly. My dishy osteopath agreed it was good I came to see him now; he said it was better to deal with things before they got to the painful stage. He approved of the exercises I was doing and advised me not to attempt any push-ups. He said it would hurt my neck. Damn. No push-ups. I wasn't even going to, and now he's said not to, well, that's all the excuse I need. Ah well. He agreed that everything was much better than usual and I'm doing good. He also said I could do the toning every day. Awesome. It's easier to develop a daily routine and I want to embed this into my life.

So all in all. I've had a pretty good day. I even celebrated it with a nap. I think today needs a cider and my sofa just to make things perfect. Yay.


  1. "butt of many innuendos"

    Is that a plumber's crack?

  2. There are just so many opportunitoes for double entendre in this post, I am going to have to resist them all.

  3. i'm with the boys on this one, sugar. so, i'll just say...glad it was a good day! xoxoxox

  4. xl ~ yes, I think it might have been.

    dave ~ live a little, stop letting the opportunities go by.

    savannah ~ chicken.

    But thanks honey.

  5. Friday's MY lazing around day too, yay! Can I borrow your dishy wotsit guy? I don't care what it is he prods, he can prod me all he wants.

    I can't justify designer handbags either most of the time but OMG I WANT THEM. :) My fave handbag is actually a fake leather (but looks leather), weird green coloured cross body bag I bought in a Clark's outlet last year when I was in Scotland. It's the funkiest effing thing EVER. And it was 12 pounds! Money I mean, not weight. No one wants to hump a mountain around on their shoulder for god's sake.

  6. My sister has to take antihistamines all year round nowadays, her hayfever is so bad. But then, she doesn't have arthritis. One just gets on with it. A doctor you really like is a bonus. I like mine, but he doesn't appreciate whingeing so you have to be constructive or else an obvious wimp that needs kindness. We've got a good plumber in the village, they are worth their weight in gold considering the crap they are expected to deal with. Literally.

    Red wine and chocolate here. Getting more cheerful by the minute. I'll be dancing by midnight. Poor Sage. Happy Saturday, darling.

  7. I sometimes see my hunky doctor who then gets on top of me straddles me. Then he puts his arms around me and then we roll.

    Not fond of back pains but they are almost worth it for that.

  8. veggie ~ this bag was £40. Bargain! I'm so chuffed with it. You're more than welcome to borrow my osteo. But bring him back in good condition...or else!

    z ~ I have my first proper appointment with her in two weeks. Do arthritis and hayfever go together?

    cyberpete ~ 'Hurts so Good'. Say no more.

  9. I adore a good plumber because I've not exactly mastered working with the pipes. It seems every time I try, a new leak is created somewhere else.

    Glad you a good day dear Roses.

  10. ...HAD a good day.

  11. Not that I know of, my sis and I each have one but not the other.

  12. hayward ~ see, that's why I never attempt anything practical, I know I'll make it 10x worse.

    I knew what you meant honey. I do that all the time.

    z ~ oh good. It would be too much to hope that they don't go together...knowing my luck...

  13. Hold on, now. You bought a designer handbag and can't remember the name or link to it? Tapping my foot here. I'll wait.

  14. moi ~ *hands her a glass of wine*

    It's a Ted Baker handbag and I looked on his site and it's no longer there. So, you have to wait until I get my camera out.

  15. Oooooo, Ted Baker. Butt ugly website, beautiful things. I look forward to seeing it . . .

  16. moi ~ you nailed that. It really is the most unattractive site. But oooh pretty things. Many pretty things.

  17. I bought a Radley purse today... I couldn't afford the bag to go with it though.
    Anyhow, I am pleased that your plumbing is sorted and that the Yoga is working.

  18. You've faked backpains too?

  19. ms scarlet ~ I adore Radley. I also have one of their purses. It's so girlie. I loves it so.

    I'm not doing Yoga honey, I'm on the toning part of exercise dvds. Can't find a decent yoga class at the moment.

    cyberpete ~ No honey. I don't fake it. I don't need to.


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