I think I overdid it; the whole food shopping thing. Of course this doesn't apply to the alcohol, which won't go off.

I didn't bother to cook yesterday, I just grazed. Crackers with pate, soft cheese, salami, parma ham, more salami (I like salami). Chocolate and biscuits, oh and nuts. Honey roasted peanuts.

Waitrose ran out of full-fat Philadelphia, so I ended up buying the light shit. You'd think I'd learn, but no. I thought I must have some soft cheese, it'll be palatable. No, it wasn't. It tastes disgusting. It has an after taste that makes me want to shave my teeth. The day they start making low-fat/sugar/no calorie food that tastes good, I swear I'll eat it. Until then fat, sugar and calories are my friends. Being righteous and holier than thou 'oh no, I won't have sugar in my coffee, I have my sweetners'....is not worth it.

I like my food. You can tell that immediately by looking at the size of my backside. It's taken a long time to get these curves. While I do quite like the odd bit of junk food, I don't fantasize about crisps or chocolate. I do fantasize about bacon sandwiches though. Smoked back bacon. Proper bread. Piccalilli. Yum. I love cooking with cream. Double cream. Creme Fraiche isn't a bad substitute. Butter, never margarine. I got one of those hysterical health e-mails awhile ago (don't drink water out of a plastic bottle, it'll give you cancer), it said margarine was almost the same as plastic chemically and it's got no food value. Plus, it doesn't taste that good. Butter, now butter always tastes good. Especially on jacket potatoes. Or for frying mushrooms.

Fortunately, I have teenagers in the house. I'm happy to report that they are eating everything in sight, so hopefully I won't have to throw out the Philly. I do hate waste, but I hate eating that shit even more.

The question is: continue to graze, or cook something? Hmmm...I'll graze while I think about whether I can be arsed to cook.


  1. Margerine was invented for the Austrian military.

  2. mago ~ ah. Good to know who we can blame for that one. It's not good. Bleugh.

  3. Sugar, salt, and fat are there because they taste good!

  4. Carry on building the curves. They look good on you.

  5. I'm happy to cut out fat, but I'll eat dry bread rather than margarine - it's butter or nothing. I automatically halve or quarter the amount of fat in most recipes, but I use the proper stuff.

    I didn't buy in much extra food, just an absurd amount of vegetables. Don't know what came over me.

  6. I'm completely out of food now. Also no candy. None!

    So jealous about your abundance of food. I only eat the good stuff (butter) or nothing at all. Since I don't eat a lot of bread it's mostly nothing

  7. xl ~ the question that will haunt me to my grave is: why are all the things I love, bad for me?

    dave ~ thanks.

    z ~ dry bread much better than bread with marg. Bleugh. You're always welcome to sample some of mine.

    cyberpete ~ what's going on with you? No food in the house? Good grief man, that means you have to go out shopping in the cold. Brrrr...

  8. Yes, tomorrow. However I am being picked up for shopping and taking presents back to the shops. I know people with heated cars.

    Most of my pressies are being exchanged. I'm impossible to shop for.

  9. Good evening Roses,

    That's quite mix, sounds tasty.

    I'm a firm believer in a real food. No low fat, nonfat or radiated for my protection fat. Although, I use a lot more olive oil than butter. Very the portion size rather than use synthetic.

    Having not seen your backside I inclined to trust Daves wise judgment. Braille is always the best way to check anyhow.

    By the way, your emergency duck post was good for a grin. Sorry I got here so late. But I was making rather merry and it's only once a year

  10. cyberpete ~ I don't think you're impossible to shop for. It's very clear what you like, a person just needs a decent budget. Laboutins, Kylie and if in doubt, champagne.

    karl ~ no apologies necessary honey. I'm surprised so many people popped by to see me.

    Don't mention Braille to Dave, please?

    Glad I made you smile. Hope 2011 is an awesome year for you and Mrs Karl.

  11. I got some great groceries. Not enough though haha.

    Had to buy my own Kylie ticket though.

  12. cyberpete ~ Enjoy them honey. Life is too short for bad food, or food you don't enjoy.

    And you've got a Kylie ticket, YAY!


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