I realise that over the festive period, I may have become a tad insular. Yesterday, was the first day I'd been out since Friday. I spent a shit load of money and then scampered back home. The City was packed with people, most of whom were grumpy and pushy. I was very glad to get home.

There apparently is a world outside my front door. I hear it hum when I go into my garden for a crafty smoke. I see it on the news: filled with angst and dire happenings. Mostly, however I'm content to potter around in the warmth and cosiness that is my home.

Today, I will have a visitor from The Outside. I will actually have to construct coherent sentences, offer tea, coffee and munchies. I'm not sure I remember how to be sociable. Talking to teenagers isn't the same. They're happy with simple language forms; if I point them to the cupboard and fridge, they leave me pretty well enough alone.

A visitor means I have to find my kitchen underneath the dirty dishes and pans. Not to mention the empty bottles, of which there are but a few. I'll have to clear an area where we can sit without having to look at cat hairs, crumbs and shavings of tobacco and the remnants of Boy's scratch card.

As it's warmed up a bit, I really should turn off the heating and open all the doors and windows, get some fresh air in. Let the smells of roasted duck, burnt chestnuts and teenage feet dissipate.

I think I'd better start with me though. Nothing says 'I'm happy to see you' more than being clean and dressed.


  1. A friend dropped in yesterday, which was nice. I haven't been out either. I've got a bill to pay, so will do that by bike today. Otherwise, I'm still not going out. Certainly not to Norwich shopping, can't face crowds. The fire's lit, it's cosy and tranquil here. I have DVDs.

  2. i sooooooo understand the feeling, sugar! xoxoxo

  3. scent of roasted duck
    burnt chestnuts and teenage feet
    roses' holiday

  4. Yey, I also understand the feeling... other than I'm a compulsive washer-upper... and I'm trigger happy with the dettox... and my new best friend is a dusting glove. I can't help it. I like shiny chrome...
    Anyhow, got stuck on the M25 yesterday. It was like a carpark.

  5. z ~ reports from the City today say it's all quiet on the Western Front. I will leave the house in a bit. I am determined.

    savannah ~ the problem comes when you realise you can't find the words. Writing is different to talking.

    xl ~ haiku?

    ms scarlet ~ I'm not a compulsive anything, far too lazy. But if I'm going to have people around I like to make an effort.

    You mean the M25 is not a carpark at other times? Really?

  6. I was in the village today, went to the Post office. And the lady told me everything about the European Royal dynasties. Maybe she was happy about seeing a customer.

  7. I went out yesterday and today. Tomorrow I'll do it again. I'm going to a colleague of mines 25 year work anniversary. I'm also saying goodbye to another colleague because it's his last day. I'm really sad about that, I almost cried about it today. He is so sweet (and cute and possibly bi).

    I like your initiative with the cleaning. Must do the same sometime before new years.

  8. Good morning Roses,

    What you mean you don't get out? You been all over the world in the past few days, visiting folks. Electrons they're the next best thing to being there.

  9. xl ~ bless you.

    mago ~ oh dear. I hope during the conversation you at least learnt something new.

    cyberpete ~ you've had a very sociable time by the sounds of it. The good news is: I found the kitchen and blew fresh air into my house again.

    karl ~ I don't know what I'd do without the internet. I really don't.

  10. Nothing says 'I'm REALLY happy to see you' than being clean and naked.

  11. dave ~ I wouldn't want to shock the neighbours. Or you; for that matter.

  12. I emptied the dishwasher and put the stuff that is dishwasher safe into it. Still got to clean some cutlery, glasses and a pan that didn't get proper clean in during the wash.

    Then tomorrow after I've done all that, I'm going to try making petit fours or something like that. Plus a salmon roll of that and cream cheese or the like. Not quite sure one does that.

  13. Not petit fours, but rather a sort of marzipan cake.

    I must also crack open a window

  14. cyberpete ~ if I haven't said so before - I like your style. Well, as far as the salmon and cream cheese roll is concerned. Not a fan of marzipan.

    I make no comment about your lack of crack.


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