Toxic Soup

A few weeks ago I told you I abandoned my desire to be a more eco-friendly gardener for slug pellets, weedkiller and weed'n'feed. The day after I put down the slug pellets, there were tiny invertibrate corpses rotting on my garden beds. I have been trying very hard not to feel guilty about it, but frankly, there were a helluva lot of dead snails and slugs. No wonder they were reducing my pride and joys to mere sticks. I haven't put any more down. Truthfully, as much as I did rejoice to see the murder and mayhem around me, I'm loathe to decrease their numbers further. After all, what will the toads and frogs eat?

The pond area looks fab. The pond itself has definitely benefitted from the clean-up and new plants. It's so clear, I can actually see the bottom. The frogs are still unimpressed, despite my getting them some more cover, in the shape of a floating plant and varigated mint. Ungrateful bastards, the lot of them. There wasn't even a Prince Charming in that lot. Let me tell you, frogs are cold on the lips this time of year.

My lawn, instead of being many shades of green, thanks to the 5 or 6 different species of grass and moss, is now a patchwork of green grass, bare earth and dead brown moss. I'm scratching my head here people. How is this supposed to be an improvement? I suppose, if I feel energetic at some point, I should rake it. Would you care to put money on the likelihood of that happening?

I went to see my IFA (Independent Financial Advisor, otherwise known as Wednesday to Friday Boss). It was slightly harrowing. He was obviously feeling a bit paternal. I got a lecture. He stopped short of waving a large pair of scissors and demanding my credit card.  I got the picture. No more retail therapy. No more buying house plants. No more Nottcutts.


Yes, I did promise I'll try to behave.


  1. I'm sure you'll be very have. But it's only money, innit?

  2. Perhaps some fertilizer and/or plant food for the lawn area to green things up a bit?

  3. z ~ that's true. And retail therapy really does work. They make me feel good every time I walk through the door.

    xl ~ technically, the weed'n'feed is a lawn fertiliser as well as a weed and moss killer. The problem isn't so much the greening of the grass, as not having a lot left after the moss and weeds have gone.

  4. And the growing season is coming towards the end, so the grass may not be that quick to grow back to fill the gaps.

  5. Cuts or Nottcutts, that's the question.

    I gave up using slug pellets years ago - could never hit the buggers with them.

  6. Use an air-rifle, Rog.

  7. dave ~ true. I'm just wondering whether I should seed it. But then again...

    rog ~ indeed. Cuts at the moment.

    I liked Dave's suggestion. Air rifle should be very satisfying, I should imagine.

  8. I have given up my garden and given it over to the tender care of Mother Nature. Who unfortunately still seems to want me to clear up after myself and tidy my room. A flat seems very attractive right now.

  9. mme ~ Mother Nature is so unreasonable, isn't She? If you do the gardening and tidying up, when will you have time for relaxing and drinking?

  10. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Whot is Nottcutts?

  11. mago ~ Even after all these years and Eros patient tutoring, I still can't figure out links in the comment box.

    Here it is in all it's splendour:

  12. Are you going to Notcutts for Santa's big arrival?

  13. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Ah, I see, the British "Dehner" ...
    One of the places I do not visit

  14. xl ~ gimme a moment to think about

    mago ~ really? I'm hard pressed not to spend all my (and money) there. I love it. Growing things. Mmmmmm....

  15. xl ~ refuses to entertain my ignorance of links any longer. I got a set of instructions.

    Go on...drop by and demand some candy from him

  16. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Dehner, Praktiker, OBI - all no go areas. I am mechanically challenged - if you know what I mean. Fully functional, but ... well. I hate DIY, and gardening belongs in this category for me. And besides - I can not distinguish strawberry from poison sumach, so don't sent me in there.

  17. I'm liking those home and garden centers you and Herr Mago are linking. I would enjoy wandering around and around in them!

  18. mago ~ DIY does not denote functionality for me. If it's not your thing, fair enough.

    xl ~ yeah, I could happily wonder around these places for hours...oh...I do.


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