Samhain Blessings

Every year on this blog, I celebrate the Pagan festival of Samhain by noting the names of those who have gone on.

This year, my father passed away, so it is a particularly poignant day for me. Please join me by writing the name of those you love who are no longer here.

I have been a witness to the deaths of three of my parents. Death itself holds no fear for me. Dying is the hard part. For everyone involved. It's hard to say the final goodbye, to know that I'll never be able to pick up the phone and talk to them, never be able to have a cuddle, or share a joke with them ever again. Living remains the far greater challenge.

Whatever your spiritual flavour, or even if you have none. Leave their names and if you wish, their relationship to you. Today, is about remembering. The dead will never be forgotten as long as the living still speak their names.

I dedicate this post to Henry.

I miss you every day, Henry. I wish more than anything else that we had more time.

Update: I'm going to have an early night. Please feel free to write your names tonight, and in the coming week. I'll put the word verification back on next weekend.


  1. Tricia, my best friend.
    Helen, my beloved grandmother.
    Angela, my ex-mother-in-law.
    Bambi, my mother.
    Dennis, my stepfather.
    Henry, my dad.

  2. Liz, my mom
    Pete, my dad
    Eilaina, my sister-in-law

  3. Carmen, my cat.

  4. Anne, my second mom
    Eula, my grandmother
    Louis who made me smile.
    Paul with the biggest heart.
    Rene who taught me to enjoy life.

    Thank you Roses.

  5. Josef & Melvin (Grandpas)
    Esther & Madelaine (Grandmas)
    and especially Firnie (Dad)

    Not one day has passed, when I have not been reminded of something special that you did with me. I miss all of you.

  6. Anonymous3:31 pm

    my parents
    my grandparents
    my dear Jeanne

  7. Suraya3:42 pm

    My grandparents
    My stepmom
    My aunts

  8. My grandparents
    Marion - My aunt
    Piggy - a good friend and blogger
    Rob - a good friend and blogger
    Carol - a good friend

  9. Infomaniac Bitches Piggy and Mutley the Dog.

    And oh so many more.

    You spirits know who you are.

  10. My mum,
    My Dad,
    The only Nanny I knew,
    My friends Barbara and Joyce
    And my recently released Cousin
    Missed often,
    Still missed.

  11. Last spring, my mother died...I think I still find it hard to believe. Though, I'm relieved that she is in a better place and no longer suffering, I do miss hearing her voice...and hearing her laugh and sing.

    I'd also like to remember so many other family and friends who've passed on. They've made my life richer and more wonderful by helping me find out who I am, where I'm from, and where I'm going. I wouldn't be the same person without them, and I'd like to thank each and everyone of them for being there for me and helping me find my way.

  12. I've very fortunate to only have one name to put here - Joan, my grandmother. I think about her every day.

  13. Elizabeth Bond, Harry Bond.

  14. Good afternoon Roses,

    My list is quite long, I shall not post it. However, I would like to thank you for being the catalyst, that brings them all back to mind.

  15. My Dad
    Neil, my best friend.


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