Song Titles - Rain

I'm grumpy. It's grey and cold outside. I fancy a bit of a pick-me-up that won't involve feeling rotten tomorrow morning.

So go on then, let's see how many different song titles with Rain, you can remember. Rules are: one song per comment. And each comment has to have a different song. I'm sure you can manage to follow those *looks pointedly at Cyberpete* Love to have YouTube links if you can get them to behave.

Happy Tuesday people.


  1. "Let It Rain" (Eric Clapton)

  2. "Fool in the Rain" (Led Zeppelin)

  3. "Rainy Days and Mondays" (The Carpenters)

  4. No-one has written any songs after the 70's with the word rain in the title. 'Raining men' doesn't count.

  5. The best Beatles song was a B-Side called "Rain".

  6. Raindrops -- Dee Clark

    PS: I need to move somewhere where it rains.

  7. Rain - Madonna.
    Not written that long ago!

  8. Anonymous6:39 pm

    "She brings the Rain", by CAN

    wv: begati - HA!

  9. Rainy Days and Mondays, by the Carpenters.

  10. dave ~ x 3. Good choices.

    dave ~ I'm afraid you're wrong about that.

    rog ~ I'm going to have to talk to the oracle of all things music that is JD (Gee's hb) about that. He's bound to have it somewhere.

    xl ~ that's lovely. Thank you honey. Come visit. You'll soon get bored with it.

    ms scarlet ~ I'd forgotten about Madge. Great choice.

    mago ~ oh that is just gorgeous. I love it.

    curious ~ I'm getting my Raspberry Beret on as we speak. Nice one.

    cyberpete ~ a classic! I'm shocked though, I was expecting you bring something Kylie to the party.

    C'mon people. We're just getting started here.

  11. idv ~ you snuck in there while I was replying. And I'm afraid Dave beat you to that one. Try again hon.

  12. And SP came up with this one: Naked in the Rain, by Blue Pearl.

  13. Bugger. I obviously didn't read all of Dave's suggestions.

    Unless I did and thought I didn't?

  14. If I can't have the Carpenters, I'll go for Guns n Roses November Rain, instead.

  15. I don't remember if Kylie actually did a song with Rain the title?

    How about Here Comes The Rain Again

  16. SORRY! Totally favourite song!!!

    Kylie No More Rain

  17. idv ~ thank SP for me. Awesome track.

    idv ~ that's alright. I forgive you.

    idv ~ I've got my lighter out and waving over my head.

    cyberpete ~ if you don't know, then I'm confident she hasn't. Good runner up tune though. Annie rocks!

  18. cyberpete ~ call yourself a Kylie fan? Go stand in the Naughty Corner right now.

  19. Anonymous10:57 pm

    "Didn't it rain?"

  20. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Not only rain, but storm ...

  21. Anonymous11:11 pm

    ... an antidote, gardens in the rain.

  22. I know that rain isn't in the title but hey... No body's perfect!
    Jimmy Cliff "I can see clearly now"
    This one always makes me feel grateful for the people that I have in my life...

  23. Pavarotti and Jon Bon Jovi"Let it rain

  24. "Kiss the Rain"

    And that just about exhausts me...
    This has been fun Roses... Thank you.

  25. cyberpete ~ yeah, but you're off your game. But I loves the Garbage track. So true, so true.

    mago ~ that's one lady who knows how to arrive in style (and play the geetar).

    mago ~ although it's got rain in the background and is about rain (and weather) I'm going to disallow it.

    mago ~ you can definitely have that one. You got extra points for it being classical music *and* the title in French. Well done.

    princess ~ By Jove, I think she's got it! A bit of trivia, Audrey didn't actually sing for this. Who'd have thought?

    princess ~ I'm afraid you can't have November Rain, that's been done already. But because I'm in a good mood, I will let you have 'I can't stand the rain', even though it's already been done (but with a different artist).

    princess ~ did you get your garbadine trousers out for that one?

    princess ~ ah..another classic.

    princess ~ I do like a bit of Norah. I'm chillin' now.

    princess ~ Carol King's voice is supberb. So unusual. Great choice.

    princess ~ I can't believe I'd forgotten about this one! What a gift you've given me. :-)

    princess ~ as much as I love this song and it's also an anthem of mine. As 'rain' isn't in the title, you can't have it. I'm going to be firm with you.

    princess ~ I'm stunned by Judy Garland's voice, but I don't like the song. It's too busy for me.

    princess ~ *sigh* such a beautiful and heartfelt song. I heart James Taylor.

    princess ~ where on earth did you find this? Go on, admit it, you Googled it, didn't you? It's lovely though.

  26. cyberpete ~ been done honey. Sorry.

  27. Right, hold your horses.

    I'm closing this thread down and not accepting any more titles of songs with Rain in them.

    Have a look through, follow the links and tell me in the World Book post (the next blog post), which is the most awesome song and who posted it.

    No, you can't vote for yourself.

    No, you can't vote more than once.

    No, don't put your votes on this post.

    (Anonymouse votes will not be accepted)

    Yes, follow the instructions. There's a book to be won!


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