Totally Blissed Out

This afternoon, the 100 copies of TOUCHING THE STARFISH arrived, ahead of Thursday's launch do. How excited am I?

In case you haven't been keeping up, the Launch is Thursday! OMG! I have a fabulous Karen Millen dress which I've starved myself to get into and new shoes. I'm overly excited and being a bit of a Stress Bunny. Of course, I'm also doing the 'no-one will come'.

After we lugged the boxes of books in, we had to look. I swear, I was shaking. I still can't believe it. We did it. People are now starting to read it and the feedback we're getting is so positive. It's so heartening. I have my very own, signed copy sitting beside me, I stop typing every now and then to give it a quick stroke. You have no idea how fantastic it is to work with people who don't think it strange that I have to fondle the cover, sniff the pages, touch the words. People who get that books are a tactile experience, as well as cerebral. I feel like I'm home.

For someone with creative yearnings, this is the perfect project for World Domination for me. AS was my creative writing tutor from the start and I often joke that I hold him responsible for the life I have now. If he hadn't opened the door and showed me this fabulous creative world, I'd have still had a proper job...Actually, I'd have been in prison, for taking an axe to my co-workers; or in the local mental hospital; or taking valium by the handful. He's written a book that is laugh out loud funny and poignant and clever...I'll shut up now. Yes, I do know I'm biased (with good reason). I can use the skills gained from my 'proper job', and my creative skills and be a business mid-wife...I am one lucky woman.

I celebrated by going for a drive in my shiny car. The feeling as I bombed around winedy Norfolk roads, listening to the Chemical Bros up loud, with the boxes of books in the boot...totally blissed, dude. And on the return journey, there were fireman.

There is a God, and She is good!


  1. Congrats. Good things are moving your way.

  2. YIPPIEEEEEE!!! xoxox

  3. xl ~ I do hope so, I really do. Thank honey.

    savannah ~ my thoughts exactly. Yay!!!!!!!

  4. Nice bit of creative writing there. Did you know there's no such word as winedy? I know there should be, but spelling it merely makes it look as if the road-makers were drunk. Which they may have been.

    It seems (who would have thought it?) that the correct word to use is 'winding'.

  5. To use the word of an American/Danish selfhelp guru:

    To use my word:


    To all of it. Including firemen.

  6. dave ~ thank you for your input. I did wonder about winding. It's always handy to have a pet pedant around.

    cyberpete ~ thank you honey. I have a 'thing' for men in uniform, but firemen have yet to be crossed off my list. Watch this space.

  7. You're welcome. We have to keep standards up, don't we?

  8. Does a cassock and dog collar count as uniform?

  9. Congrats!!
    So you did starve yourself to get into that dress?!! Sometimes occasion demands.

  10. dave ~ I have standards? Since when?

    I hate to burst your bubble but while cassock dog collar do count as uniform, they aren't on my list. As a fundamental Pagan, it would be problematic.

    ms scarlet ~ I did starve myself to get into it. It was the Eine and cornflake diet. Shifted 6 lb in 4 weeks. I'm well pleased with myself. I don't kid myself that I'll keep it off though, apparently, I'm giving up smoking on Monday.

  11. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Good news my dear. My best wishes for you.

    You will shine.

  12. Anonymous7:40 pm

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