Just set up the room. The books are all laid out, the PA is ready to go. There are posters up. We're now on the count-down.

I should eat something sooner rather than later. I should put my head down for an hour.

Instead, I'm blogging.

It's not my book. I didn't write it. It's sits next to me and I still reach out to stroke it. I came to the party late, but I still have this sense of wonder.

I have the dress, the shoes and the new make-up to play with.

I think about the coming event with a mixture of pure terror (what if no-one comes, or no-one likes it) and pure elation (OMG! Look what we did!)

Dear Goddess, please let it go well. Please, don't let them down.


  1. Enjoy the moment.

  2. xl ~ thanks my dear, I'll do my best.

  3. keeping fingers crossed and sending calming vibes across the pond, sugar! xoxoxoxox

  4. Now I'm feeling guilty, in case no-one comes, when with a bit of effort I could have been there. I am too tired though, honest.

  5. Good luck! Hope all goes well.

    Once its all over, I want a list of the new makeup! xx

  6. Slowly one or another should show up ... :)

    Holy Dings, you are in the middle of it and it works!

  7. Good luck Roses!

    Too late now, but you'll feel much better afterwards.

  8. How are yer feet?

  9. How did it go?
    I hope it was good - looking forward to next post.

  10. savannah ~ thank you lovely. They worked!

    dave ~ no point feeling guilty. Waste of energy.

    beth ~ in the end I chickened out and used the make-up I already had and I'm glad I did.

    mago ~ we had a really good turn out on a really crap, rainy evening.

    rog ~ thanks honey.

    mago ~ my feet really need your attention.

    ms scarlet ~ it went fantastically well. I'll blog about it tomorrow, when I've had more sleep.

  11. dave ~ sorry honey. Not of me.


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