As my plans for World Domination near fruition, I find myself faced with a dilema: what on earth am I going to wear?

I hit Norwich yesterday to answer that very question. I had in the back of my mind a dress I'd seen in the window of Karen Millen. I found some fantastic dresses. They were Oh My God expensive, but hey, the event in February (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) is when I step out and there's no point looking like something the cat threw up. My normal dress code is: jeans, comfy jumper and walking boots. I like being comfortable and I'm not willing to totter around on high heels on a daily basis, just to go into town to pick up some essentials. So, the opportunity to dress up in girls clothes is always welcome. And if I'm getting a new dress, obviously I need new shoes, new bag and accessories. My gran used to say, do it properly or don't do it at all.

Back to Karen Millen. So there were these fabulous dresses, which as far as I were concerned, were perfect. Unfortunately, Karen's idea of a size 10 and mine are two different things. The dress I wanted I could not breathe in properly and it stretched in places, I'd rather it didn't. In all honesty, a diet of bread and water would sort that out by the time the event rolls around. However, there's a part of me that is very resistant. I'm buggered if I'm going to starve myself just to wear the dress once. Either it's perfect now, or I will have to walk away.


Sometimes being a grown up sucks. So, I'm going once again into the breach this morning to look for the dress that says: smart, stunning, not a woman to be triffled with. Wish me luck. Expect more whinging when I start looking for the shoe and bag combo.


  1. But you look stunning all the time! How can you expect to improve on that?

  2. In the end its "das kleine Schwarze", the little (or small?) black one - I bet! A pair of "Pömps" in red (ask CyberPete for details) and a leather bag, red. All fitting with the lippy of course. Choose lippy first.

  3. mago ~ I have the most fantastic lippy. I'll follow your advice and take it with me.

    You're a star.

  4. No, I just spent some time around women.

  5. mago ~ you've obviously listened and learnt. Rare qualities in a man.

  6. Size 12? I'll shut up.

  7. ms scarlet ~ the size 12 didn't fit properly either. I think I'm just not quite the right shape for their dresses.

  8. If the size 10 is tight in places but *should* be right, the 12 will be too big on the shoulders and look as if you've borrowed it from your big sister. Pity. Good luck.

  9. z ~ exactly that. The size 12 dress did horrible things to my chest area.

    I've given up on the dress search at the moment.

  10. This'll make you sick...youngest daughter (age 20) has just gone off to a party wearing a stunning dress (which fits to a tee) made yesterday by her mother...

    It pays to have a hobbyist dressmaker in the family...


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