Guilty Pleasures

There are times when only a hardcore vegging session will do. Last night was one of those times. I assumed the position on my sofa, snuggled under my red blanky and began channel surfing. My regular fare of crime drama were on repeats and I flicked to the Sci Fi Channel.

There Megashark vs Giant Octopus was waiting. Truly. How could I not watch this to the end? I moved enough to send Boy a text to tell him the crappiest film ever was on. He came downstairs and poked his head around the door, draped himself on the futon and promptly fell asleep. Please be aware, that is his normal late night viewing habit, not a damning indictment of the film. He's not proud, he'll fall asleep during anything. It's like Pavlovian reaction, he watches a dvd stretched out on the futon, he's snoozing.

This was car crash television at it's best. I could have been in a lecture theatre, attending 'How Not to Make a Movie 101'. But despite it's awfulness, I had to watch it to the very end. In my head I was compiling it's list of faults. I think they found a book of Cliches and incorporated each and everyone into the script: plot and dialogue. They must have been operating on a budget the scale of my last paycheck, because quite frankly the sets were appalling, the special effects laughable and couldn't they have at least hired some actors? I've seen less wooden performances in an MFI showroom. My favourite moment happened early on when the 'Mega Shark' lept thousands of feet into the air and ate a plane. I was rolling around the floor in pain.

There's just something so appealling about a truly awful movie. I know I'll never get back the 1 hour and 40 minutes again, but it was worth it, just for the laughs. It certainly beat the current trend of mainstream television's endless parade of reality television.

However, I did pass on Komodo vs Cobra. I'd had enough excitement for one night.


  1. HAHA!
    I watch a couple hundred movies every year and my kids and I have learned to relish the "stinkers".
    Without evil, good cannot exist.

    I'm off to see 2012 this weekend and it is already making me cry. WHY oh WHY do these "suits" (bean counters and marketing wizards) make these things?

    They now have the technology to create any image imaginable so why not make the end of the world realistic?
    What would be more terrifying?
    What up withthe hyperbolic asshattery of flying in between two crumbling buildings?
    Waaaaah Waaaah

    It will make me appreciate some thoughfulness the next time I venture into a theatre :)

  2. donn ~ I never thought about it like that. But they have to be truly awful to shine.

    2012 looked like it would deliver on explosions, excitement and a thin plot. I haven't been convinced it would be worth the cinema ticket.

    You're right though. I may have to counteract it with something more cerebral tonight. Or not.

  3. Speaking as a 'hardcore veggie' meself - I definitely fancy that film.
    Can I get it on DVD?

  4. kaz ~ you need to be prepared to pay £3.00 in the Morrisons bargain bin, which quite frankly is a rip-off.

  5. I didn't notice this one when it was released. Maybe one of those straight-to-video flicks? It does look like fun!

  6. Oh Godzilla help! I find these desaster movies quite boring, but plane munching supersharks - Wow! You ever saw them absolutely classics like "Formicula" and "Tarantula"? And truely mindmelting is Godzilla stomping over matchbox-cars and the model-railroad ... aw innocent days of memory ...

  7. xl ~ I think it must have got straight to rentals. Again, I'm not convinced that parting with your hard earned cash is going to be worth it.

    Besides, the Sci Fi Channel recycles this shit regularly. It'll come round again.

    mago ~ Monster movies rock. Again, the Sci Fi Channel airs the best/worst of the bunch. I have to say, I am partial to Peter Benchley's Creature. It isn't half bad.

  8. I saw this for rent in my local Londis and was sorely tempted. Not sure why I resisted. I watched The Wrestler instead. So it was a win-win situation. Will maybe check it out next time.

  9. Sci-Fi channel? Are you paying to watch this, or is it available on my Freeview box, and I haven't found it yet?

  10. baglady ~ get it with the full knowledge - you were warned! But it is fun.

    dave ~ I'm afraid I pay for the pleasure.

  11. I've never had to pay for pleasure yet.

  12. dave ~ as a man of the cloth, I would hope not.

  13. I have mentioned you to my good friend Badgerdaddy at Moviegrenade - - and now that I see how many of you enjoy truly appalling movies, I'll recommend him and his friends to you!

  14. z ~ that is such a cool blog. I am now following it.


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