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As you know I am often found on Facebook, one of the great time thieves of the Interweb era. In reply to a cheeky response to my status update, I misquoted the famous saying I'll try anything once, except incest and folk dancing.
So apart from incest, what do you refuse to try?
All answers gratefully accepted. Don't be shy.


  1. Food that still has its face on!

  2. dave ~ I've tried snails...you aren't missing anything. Somethings don't need to be repeated.

    curious ~ I can understand that, I don't want my food to look back at me either.

  3. Urine. Sarah Miles swears by it, but that's up to her.

  4. Since my surname is quite rare, my Facebook activities are largely restricted to collecting "others" and avoiding the 100+ app requests sitting on the sidebar.

    Please feel free to come and meet me in the Pleasantville portion of the Interwebs.

    I have a few bloggers who shed their anonymity and many who keep their bloginess a secret..that is entirely up to you.

    No, really, donn coppens.

  5. ms scarlet ~ I had to Wiki that and I'm gobsmacked. If I was ever trapped in a small boat in the middle of the ocean or on a desert island and my survival depended on it...maybe. But otherwise...no. Hell no. No chance.


    That's slightly worse than Crocs.

    donn ~ I found you!

    That doesn't let you off the hook though. Apart from incest, what wouldn't you do?

  6. Give me a little more time and I'll try to think of an answer for you...

  7. I would never go fox hunting (witness this particular sport!!!! as a child and will never forget the horror of it) or shooting of any types of animals. Don't like sports with animals much either e.g. horse racing or dog racing but would possible attend these (at an absolute push). I guess my answers are political but deeply held.

  8. (agrees with Moggie)
    I'm not a 'try anything' sort of person.
    I'm 'set in mi ways'.

  9. roger ~ hello and welcome. I'm assuming you're not Rog, or Norfolk N Good fame. For what it's worth, I think bungee cords are great for securing things in a car. I'm not prepared to plummet to my death just to prove they twang.

    cogidubnus ~ next time I'll ask what you've managed to fit into your life-time. :-)

    moggie ~ blood sports...or actually any sport makes my list.

    Though I will say I would hunt for self-preservation. I feel confident that my hunting abilities would at least give me something to do before I starved to death.

    kaz ~ I'm not surprised you agree with mog, but given your travelling nature, I can't believe you're as straightforward as you say.

    Certainly, someone who's had a long term relationship with a folk singer and whizzes of Cataluna can't be labelled normal, boring, staid or unadventurous.

    Nice try though.

  10. Jogging, eating tripe and watching Big brother to name but a few.

  11. sir bruin ~ I'm so with you on those.

  12. The pix reminds me of the Springtime For Hitler number in The Producers.

    I won't go the Branson, Missouri. It's sort of like Las Vegas for people with no teeth.

  13. Well I've had a bit of a think...

    I've eaten snails several times from the age of 12 onwards, (and loved them actually)...just depends upon the dressing...

    I attended a "medieval banquet" once many years ago, and the pigs head was on the table...I still eat pork...

    Who's Sarah Miles? If she's fit, who knows? It's likely to be a bit salty but so?

    Bungie...well I've not tried it, but hey if I can find someone to hold my specs (and in the light of recent events, if I can check the knot for myself)...and if there's a few pints at the end of it... yeah I might well give it a go...

    Foxhunting...well suffice it to say I'm a bit old fashioned...I can't ride but I once followed on foot...don't think I'd want to go again, but I went...

    Many years ago I jogged (nowdays it kills me running for the bus...(which frigging clown timetables the bloody things...uh...oh...hmmm)

    Tripe...been there, done that...it wasn't good but at least I tried it...cooked in milk by an old lady I used to know...

    Watching Big Brother ... shit ... oh fuck ... bollocks ... well everyone's got to draw the line somewhere...

  14. PS - there is one good solid "lie" in the above (for dramatic effect you might say)...all the rest are genuine...but I bet you can't tell which is which!

  15. If I may add a small caveat to my previous comment, I would consider watching Big Brother if the surprise house guest was a Bengal tiger.

  16. Skiing. It looks lovely, but after all that going down hill, guess what? You've got to go uphill again before you can do it again!
    H McC

  17. xl ~ it does, doesn't it. Britswitch says the stage play is so much better than the film. I followed the link, and funnily enough, no one I know is having fun in Branson.

    cogidubnus ~ you watch Big Brother, don't you? I always said you were weird ;-)

    I had to Wiki Sarah Miles. I don't care if she's drunk her own urine for 30 years and feels great. I think she's bonkers.

    sir bruin ~ I would watch Big Brother if someone took my eyes out with a spoon, eviserated my body, put the eye balls on the couch and turned the tv over to it. Only then.

    To all you serial killers out there...that was NOT an invitation! I have an attack cat!

    H McC ~ welcome! It's lovely to see you here. I think hurtling down a steep, snowy incline, strapped to a couple of bits of fiberglass is pure bonkers. Especially as you have to pay over the odds for the pleasure.

  18. I wouldn't run for public office because as George Clooney confessed, "I’ve slept with too many women, I’ve done too many drugs, and I’ve been to too many parties.”

    Ditto..except that I haven't slept with too many women..
    Would you like some more oversharing???? I wouldn't even need to take off my shoes to count them...
    and I came of age in the 70s!
    How pathetic is that?

  19. Apart from the obvious 'eww' things then there really isn't much I won't try. Because if you never try you could be missing out on something that's really enjoyable.
    And at least if it's tried once & you don't like it then fine, because there's no rule to say you have to do it ever again :-)

  20. donn ~ in my mind, it's all about the quality.

    G*N*D ~ that is a valid argument, however, there are somethings I know I'd be happy going to my grave never having experienced. Urine and urine related activities are one...

    cogidubnus ~ it's the hunting? I am going to keep guessing.

  21. They're obvious 'ewww' things though! Some sports or foods & things like that are fine.
    Weirdo things aren't!

  22. Coffee. Hate the smell so I can't imagine the taste would be to my...taste.

    Threesomes. Which disappoints my husband greatly.

  23. G*N*D ~ Some people think that weirdo shit is normal. I've found you have to check first.

    baglady ~ be thankful I'm known as a tolerant, inclusive person. My life could not continue without a good cup of coffee thing. It truly is nectar from the Gods.

    But, if it doesn't do it for you, not to worry: more for me! Yay!

  24. baglady ~ ps. I learnt how to kill the threesome conversation.

    "You want a threesome? Great. Except I go first and I get to be the jam in the sandwich."

  25. Good grief, yes you got it...

  26. cogidubnus ~ really?


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