Compiling the To Do List

There are quite a few things I should be doing. In fact, I'll go as far as saying, there are I lot of tasks I ought to have got done by now.

I'm not a huge fan of 'should' and 'ought'. I take it as a personal failure if they come into my daily vocabulary. However, I have extenuating circumstances. I'm still not fighting fit. At this point, if I was attacked by a brown paper bag, I'd ring 999. Mmmm...there's a thought. I could request the fire brigade. Firemen. There's a nice thought.

*pulls mind away from hunky firemen wielding their mighty hoses*

Anyway, I'm procrastinating writing my To Do List. It's just too scary a thought to contemplate at this point. I don't want to see how much deadly boring stuff I have to do. I would rather continue to waste time on the Interweb, watch the idiot box and smoke outside every now and then.

I took my new clothes out for a test drive this week. I looked fabulous, if I don't say so myself. Good clothes, new boots and good make-up. It set me up nicely for work. It's good getting back into the manic rhythm that is earning an honest living. I'm equally pleased my employers have understood my stamina isn't up to full-on work yet and have given me a two-week period to gently slide back into the work ethic. Until I find a sugar-daddy to keep me in the manner to which I could (easily) become accustomed, I am resigned to my fate of working for a living. Though it is slightly irritating that it's interfering with my social life.

Having the time to lose on the Interweb has meant I've made new blogging friends and had the chance to annoy old ones. I've even been playing with Blogger's new fangled bits. If you look, you'll see my new friends, do follow the links, some of them are naughty...but nice. I warn you now, watch out for MJ and her love of cake. CyberPete and I have a mutual appreciation of the odd glass of naughtiness. Ms Scarlet, though she says she's permanently perplexed, is quite capable of wielding a bottle of Febreeze with finesse. A. Boxer, that's Ms Boxer to you, is actually a very gentle and artistic soul who does wonders with Bow Tie Pasta and a video cam. Mago, the Franconian, gives very good virtual foot rubs and he is a thinking man. Watch out for Donn, he may be reaching escape velocity quite soon, especially if he keeps calling me 'normal'. I have wrangled promises out of Dave for some fabulous purple oriental poppies and I hope to be annoying him soon.

Of the original crew of misfits, the Viking has hung up his keyboard and I still miss Murph's words of wisdom, although, to give him his due, Rog does try his best to fill Murph's paw prints. I've decided that Kaz actually lives in Spain and occasionally visits Manchester. Northern Monkey is expecting a baby monkey in December and Sanddancer has recently changed jobs. Hottie, is as gorgeous as ever and is embarking on her university career and would make Hermione blush with her over-achieving. Since my split with the Viking, I haven't been as frequent a visitor to the police blogs, but I still lurk to make sure they aren't working too hard.

It occured to me that I missed this blog's 3rd birthday in June. I missed an opportunity for a celebration. Very unlike me. Therefore I've decided instead of procrastinating today, I will be celebrating Journeying's birthday today.

As I've been writing this, I realised how much blogging has meant to me. This blog started out as a project for art school and I got hooked. I've made fabulous friends who've stuck with me through thick and writer's block; friends who've encouraged, mocked, cajoled and catcalled. Permit me a soppy moment.

*virtual hugs*
You guys rock!
And I think you're stuck with me. Sorry.

(If I haven't mentioned your fabulous blog, don't sulk, you know I love you really)


  1. dave ~ thank you. I didn't think you'd be about today. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  2. I'm not here. What on earth makes you think I am?

  3. dave ~ I don't must be a figment of my over caffienated imagination.

  4. I think that's it.

  5. Happy blog-versary...I can't believe it's 3 years already!

    I started my blog as a procrastination device and many a time I've thought about giving up especially as others have given up or when real life has taken over, but then I always seem to come back to it...

    I share your proscrastination to do list is in my head and needs to be put on paper and things got done, but obviously I'm not doing that, I'm messing about on here instead...

  6. Heres to the next 3 years Roses..
    Its been lovely that weve all been able to share this journey with you, its been amazing!
    Here for the tears, the smiles and giggles or when you need a good old rant, we know your coffees good so like popping in.
    Keep on posting and Happy Blogday.

  7. dave ~ you've just proved what a warped imagination I've got.

    nm ~ I know, where did the time go? It is one of the best time-thieves out there.

    b*e*g ~ thank you for being part of my journey honey.

  8. Happy birthday bloggy day thingy!!!

  9. It is a great outlet, and we always read for your blog entries, you are a women who dresses her blog for success. Long may it continue!

  10. Two Scarlets eh??
    I've done your meme Miss. Can I go out to play now please.
    Oh and I do not live in Spain - I only come here to keep Kev company :)

  11. ms scarlet ~ thank you honey. I'm celebrating!

    scarlet or spammer ~ prove to me you're a real person and then we'll talk

    kaz ~ so you say...not sure I believe you :-)

    I followed the link and found a women's clothing on-line store. Not a proper person.

  12. Happy Belated Blogaversery!

    PS: Not a good idea to mention c*ke within earshot of MJ. Just saying.

  13. xl ~ thanks honey and thanks for the head's up, I'll remember for next time.

  14. Too late Roses, I'm already sulking ;-)

    Hope you feel better soon hun. I cannot imagine how painful you must be feeling but if it all gets too much, there's always Green & Blacks chocolate & various other guilty pleasures :o)


  15. G*N*D ~ hello gorgeous! I'm doing okay really. My scar is a bit tender and itchy, but in the main I'm fine. It's the tiredness after the general which I'm finding a bit much.

  16. I'm bricklaying Thurs/Fri next week (weather permitting). You've got my e-mail address - let's sort out our arrangements in a less public forum, shall we?

  17. *raises mojito*

    to journeying! A fabulous place to be.

  18. dave ~ okey dokey.

    cyberpete ~ thank you darling. I need that drink, I've just come back from the city and it's filled with Mad People.

  19. Oops. Just realised anything from someone not in my adress book will go to junk folder. Better head your e-mail 'blog meet' or else I might delete it!

  20. I cleaned most of today so now I need a stiff cocktail and a shag.

    It won't be long now...

  21. dave ~ righty ho, I'll make sure I'll title it properly and give you a heads up.

    cyberpete ~ if you've been cleaning all day you deserve that drink - with an umbrella and half a pound of fruit.

    The closest I get to a shag these days is pictures of cormorants fishing. V depressing.


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