I'm not good with details. This morning, I realised I'd given you a feel rather than proper feedback about my blogmeet with Dave.

Bearing in mind my memory is mush, I thought you might like some more details of our lunch together.

He warned me he talks a lot. I didn't bother to tell him, I talk a lot as well, I thought he'd figure it out for himself. We talked for over 3 hours. We parted at 3 o'clock cause I was promised to someone else for more coffee and cake. Otherwise I suspect we'd still be talking.

I brought up the unkind commentor on his health. Dave remains stoic and humourous in the face of real pain. We talked about the joys of steak. We both agree GPs are dodgy and pnemonia is no fun. No fun at all.

I asked about his mum, who seems to be doing better. She sounds lovely. I hope she is soon up on her feet. She's in good hands when she does come out of hospital. Mt Snowdon here they come.

Dave ran marathons and loves cricket. As a dedicated lazy-arse, I smiled and nodded. As I said before, it takes all sorts.

We talked about other bloggers and the effect blogging has had on our lives. See below.

He ordered plaice and chips, I had the pumkin rissotto. I kept on nicking his chips, though I passed on his gherkin. I'm still gob-smacked he didn't fall for the homemade tartare sauce with lumps of capers. Dave was taught to clear his plate, I stop eating when I'm no longer hungry. The fish and chips won.

We both like Earl Grey tea. I introduced him to the joy of 103 hot chocolate. A real pleasure. Proper hot chocolate. Mmmmm. Dave tells me he has a packet of Options in case of emergency. I'd rather go without.

After awhile we got the hint and cleared off so the staff could use the table for more paying customers. Besides, I could feel the need for a smoke. We strolled back to mine.

I had to evacuate Boy's clothes from the downstairs bathroom in case Dave needed to go.

The Cat came to say hello. Dave was polite.

We went into the garden so I could poison myself and Dave could see the garden proper. He found the wonky paving slab. He thinks grass is a waste of garden space, I do agree, but I'm keeping mine to lie out in next summer. We both think having thin borders is ridiculous.

I am impressed that he sews, bricklays and does 101 things with 6 stone of tomatoes. I don't have a practical bone in my body, though to be fair, I cook. Occasionally.

We talked about the horrors of divorce, the joys of working on friendships with exes and plans for the future.

We even talked about spirituality, different religions and atheists. I proved to him I can't tell a joke to save my life. He didn't try to convert me, I didn't set the gladiators on him.

He gave me a lift to my next coffee and cake meeting. I still think he should get a sports car.


  1. I shall refer readers here when I write my summary of the meeting, for tomorrow's blog-post.

  2. dave ~ I'm getting impatient now.

  3. Patience is a virtue.

  4. dave ~ so you keep saying. I remind you, patience may be a virtue, but it certainly isn't one of mine.

  5. An overrated one, frankly.

  6. OK - so you definitely shouldn't be smoking. But Dave shouldn't be eating fish 'n chips.
    I'd get on well at a blog meet with you two - I could just shut up and listen.

  7. Ah, Kaz, but Roses ate half my chips, and I did leave a large chunk of batter untouched, and just ate the white fish from inside. It was almost like dieting.

  8. he was very dashing in his sports car

  9. Sounds like you had fun :o)
    I'm well known for my chatterbox streak & on more than one occasion, have left the pub or cafe with a friend or partner only when the chairs are being stacked on the tables & the lights are being switched off.

  10. kaz ~ there's not very much I shouldn't be doing. I'm leading a very boring life at the moment. A woman has to do something naughty. I would love for you to come down here.

    dave ~ don't exaggerate. I had 3 chips.

    ziggi ~ I keep telling him, a sports car is the way forward. There's loads of time to be sensible.

    G*N*D ~ if ever you're in Norfolk, you MUST come and see me. We'd put the world to rights in no time.

  11. If I'm ever in norfolk I will come and see you.

  12. I hope you'll come and see us both, S-B. In your red tutu.

  13. ms scarlet ~ I have a comfy sofa bed and lots of red wine waiting.

    dave ~ I saw her first!

    I*V*L*T ~ welcome. It was good. I like blogmeets. Being able to put the face and personality to the words and pictures.

  14. I'm so glad that you found a delicious hot chocolate for Dave

    (and that you smoke too - I felt dreadful when he and I met, I puffed away like an old steam train the whole time. . .)


  15. I*V*L*T ~ I'm keeping a tight rein on my smoking and I keep within 5 roll-ups a day. I just needed to have that ONE after lunch. I took him into the fresh air to avoid all comments about passive smoking.

  16. Roses; I'm actually in Norfolk this coming week but have a lot packed in. No doubt I'll be up for a weekend again sometime so I shall definitely let you know when & we can put the world to rights. Whilst the staff stack the chairs around us & turn off the lights. Lol

  17. G*N*D ~ *sniff* *sniff* WAHHHHHH!!!! And you didn't tell me? WAHHHH!!!!

  18. I must say I really enjoy your posts. Very insightful and honest. Am reading your past posts and enjoying the writing very much.
    Im the crazy texas american who comments (very less lately) to Dave's blog and friend to Dave's friend Sarah ( a very fun, and true person).


  19. sonia ~ thanks for popping by and I'm glad you're enjoying visiting. It must be early where you are. Have a cup of coffee.

    I must admit I am a bit disappointed that Sarah has put her blog on hold. Hopefully, she'll get back in the swing of it soon.

  20. well, hey, sugar! thought i'd drop in and sit a spell with y'all! how do y'all manage to keep up 2 blogs? thanks so much for y'alls kind words of support and concern - we've appreciated both. xoxoxox

  21. savannah ~ hey gorgeous. Thanks for popping by. What can I say? I like to whinge...a lot.

    Seriously honey, I do wish you the best of luck today. Many, many hugs.


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