Small Moments of Beauty

I'm getting through each day with small moments of beauty.

Most of which, seem to happen in my patch of garden.

Today's: sitting in the garden, bathed in sunshine eating my lunch of vegetable stir fry in black bean sauce, with baked salmon perched on top.


  1. Doesn't sound like a bad way to spend the afternoon.

    I spent mine equal parts elated and guilt-ridden at how much it cost me to go back to Clinique 3-step skincare (I've washed my facce once since I got it all home and I already feel better).

    Other than that, I'm just chilling out and trying to organise my life. Everything seems to have gotten messy both literally and metaphorically and so action must be taken!

    I hope your Monday is equally as beautiful honey!


  2. beth ~ surprisingly, it's not the only thing I've done today: laundry, dishes, gardening & house stuff.

    Clinique rocks. I'm using their stuff at the minute and it really suits my skin.

    Hope your cleaning up continues to go well. Many, many hugs gorgeous!

  3. Sounds fab, apart from the salmon bit (I don't eat fish!)

    Glad to hear you are ok and enjoying some me time and chilling out

  4. Spent 0930 to 2015 the same day helping a mate of mine and his new family move...from a third floor flat to a flat on three of Wednesday 27th I still ache...oh those bloody stairs!

    Glad to hear your weekend was more restful!

  5. Maybe ease off on the blogging for a while, but I see the writer in you finds it hard to let go entirely.

    You have plenty of beauty in your life.

    Please continue to share. :)

  6. NM ~ it was particularly lovely day, it must be said.

    cogidubnus ~ hope you're no longer achey, well done for helping your mate out.

    ing ~ what can I say? I just can't keep away.


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