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Spring has Sprung

Driving home tonight I realised that it was just Dusk! After months of driving home in the pitch black, it brought such a smile. While putting out the wheelie bin I admired the bunches of daffs braving the chilly morning. It has been such a relief to not wake up to ice crystals coating every bloody surface. I don't know about you, but I have had quite enough of the bloody winter.

It's a strange time all round and while things seem to be progressing satisfactorily in many things, it's happening at a glacial pace. And as we all know, patience has never been my virtue. Ever.

It's been about a month into my regime change and I lost 7lb. Unfortunately, I did too much too soon and managed to put my system into complete shock, so I had to cut things back again and I've gained 2lb. However, as I am now progressing onto the Davina McColl set of workouts which are far more demanding, I am believing a colleague who said it was muscle, not fat. With my dodgy knee, I have been tr…

Snow (again)

I looked out the window and it snowed during the night. Joy.

It looks that sparkly frozen type which has the potential to be lethal. The Viking says I need to get over it and spend some time doing handbrake turns in an empty car-park. Bless him, he has leant me his copy of Roadcraft - the Police Drive Faster manual. If I wasn't going to salsa tonight, I'd start reading it.

This is a week of frustration. It is filled with 'one step forward, two steps back'. I understand it's caused by the most part by my complete inability to be patient. Changes are coming, but damnit I want them NOW.

I overdid things with my healthy living stuff, and my stomach told me in no uncertain terms how very unhappy it was with me. So, I've had to take things a bit more easy, the result, some of the weight I'd lost reappeared magickally on the scales. *sigh* At least the cramps have dissipated and I can't get off the couch now.

The house sale is sliding towards a wall with no brakes…

25 Random Things About Me (Yes it is ALL about me)

1. I love to dance, though I do it with enthusiasm, rather than with technique.
2. I love my Boy to bits, and worry that I'll turn into THAT kind of mother when he leaves home.
3. I loathe and detest housework.
4. I am far more organised at work than I am at home.
5. We will be moving soon (fingers crossed).
6. We won't be taking quite a lot of crap.
7. I love my new car far more than I ever thought was possible, and it just shows how much I need a life.
8. Despite it all, I still have a thing for men in uniform.
9. It's now time to make different mistakes.
10. I have added quite a few entries to my list of Things Not to be Repeated.
11. I am exercising in the morning in my living room, because I can't bear to be seen in public huffing and puffing like this.
12. I think it's a real shame I waited so long to discover the pleasures of being a girlie.
13. I have fallen head over heels in love with perfume.
14. I want to travel more.
15. There are some things I still regret, and som…