This Time 15 Years Ago

Boy couldn't sleep this morning and the squeak of the cupboard woke me up. Despite my life-long hatred of 6 am, I got up and sang Happy Birthday, much to his bemusement.

As I write this my clock says 06:49. This time 15 years ago I was exhausted and labouring to expel him from my body (too much information? it's my blog, I can over-share if I want to). I still have trouble believing that tiny, grizzling bundle is now this long and lanky teenager.

I still spend too much time worrying about him. The modern world is a scary place, but I trust he is learning to negotiate it well. More importantly, I still get unsolicited hugs. When we spend time together it tends to be relaxed and we laugh a lot.

I think my neighbour downstairs will be wanting to move out soon, I bought Boy an electric guitar including the amp and 'thank god' headphones. Boy is busy looking on-line for chords and it won't be long before 'My Dog Has Fleas' turns to 'We will Rock You'.

Will I live to regret it? Probably. Would I have it any other way? Nope.


  1. In my head Boy is about 5 and has a tendancy to fall asleep at ritual. I have loved watching him grow into the fantastic young man he is today. You have every right to be very proud of him and the great job you have done as a mum.

    I love the fact that I have come to motherhood later than a lot of my friends as I can look at all of you and see how to go a good job. How to balance jobs and mum-ness, how to be wierd and pagan and not get social services involved and above all how to keep being a brilliantly fantastic woman and a mum.

    There may have been wine involved in this post but the sentiment remains intact even if it may be a little emotionally worded. Have a lovely celebration, I'm off to facebook to throw a sheep at Boy (or something cool and non gushy)


    Goth Mum chilling out on a Friday night.

  2. I do wonder how we survived growing up. No electronic games, no mobile phones, lots of books, our own imagination, a good thump if we persisted in being a PIA.

    Naaa the modern world isn't as scary as it was :-))

  3. Goth Mum ~ I remember that! He always used to be snuggled down in the pile of cushions in the middle as we spiral danced around him. Bless.

    Vet Nurse ~ I dunno, I wouldn't pay to be a teenager in these days. Not knowing the stuff they get up to.

  4. 6 is stupid o'clock in disguise. Singing, attempting to sing or actions connected with singing should be a recordable offence. After 10 is a far more acceptible and reasonable time to be engaged in stuff like singing. Put on the radio, let someone else do all the choral stuff.


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