House Guests

I think it's just the time of year, but I've had a house guest come to stay for the last few weeks, hadn't been around for quite some time, so I suppose a visit was overdue.

Oh yes, the Self-Pity Gnome had come back.

Woe, woe and thrice woe (in a very Frankie Howerd stylie).

I tell you, it got so bad, I went to work without make-up! That's how bad it was.

Honestly, anybody would think there was a death in the family, the way I carried on.

The good news is that my flat can't hold that many people and when Hottie popped by last Monday, she took one look at the Self-Pity Gnome and threatended it with a bottle. It scarpered, fearing for it's life. I tell you what, don't cross the woman, she'll have you for breakfast!

Since then, I've got in some serious pampering. Bought some new work clothes from BHS, I know, not terribly exciting, but I was pleased with my purchases. I've had my hair cut and coloured. I've got around to trying a YSL nailpolish given to me in my leaving bag from previous place of employment (and it's fabulous). Tomorrow, I have my emergency wax. Saturday, massage and facial. I know it's superficial stuff. But the difference it made to my wellbeing...actually, it just feels good.

I've also been to Salsa with Brown Eyed Girl and Boy came with me as well. It was as fabulous as promised; everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It was so good to get moving again. Definitely going to do more of that. Lots more.


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling more up-beat. The pamper sounds wonderful - can't wait to see the fabby new hair!

    It was fun to see the SPG off - a much needed warm-up for my meeting on Friday ;)

  2. Don't knock BHS - it's great for the self-esteem with its generous sizing and elasticated waistlines.

    I think the Self-Pity Gnome has sneaked into my home, but I'm working quite hard to get it to leave.

  3. hottie ~ the new hair isn't much different from the old hair - less grey.

    pj ~ it's being able to get staples for my wardrobe which are decent quality. Primark is so hit and miss these days.

    Sometimes it's good to indulge the Self-Pity Gnome, but my mistake was letting it stay over.

  4. I kind of know how you feel. The self pity gnome has visited here recently too and I reacted in almost the same way as you.

    No makeup, shampoo but no conditioner, just laziness and lots of sleep.

    I'm feeling loads better and it definitely sounds like you've got everything back on track now. The pampering is the perfect solution.

    I had my nails done yesterday and I just have to get through tomorrow at work before I get 6 days off and I can't wait.

    I'm glad you're feeling better! xx

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